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Quality Gate Status

The issues for the JES explorer are tracked under the Zowe Zlux repository, and tagged accordingly with the 'explorer-jes' label. Open issues tagged with 'explorer-jes' can be found here.

App Development Workflow

Install Dependencies

As following modules explorer-ui-server, orion-editor-component and explorer-fvt-utilities are published on Zowe Artifactory. .npmrc file is pre-configured with registry value of

npm install

Build for Development

Modify the property in package.json to a host and port that has the Zowe Jobs API server available (i.e. like the API ML Gateway)

npm run dev 

Then you can visit https://localhost:8080 to test. When testing you may see errors with API calls do to CORS (Cross origin resource sharing), to work around this you may disable CORS checking in your browser for local development.

Run unit tests

npm run test

Run fvt/selenium tests


Build for Production

npm run prod

Prepare for commit (Run linting, tests and production build)

npm run preCommit

Prepare PAX Packaging Workspace


Start With explorer-ui-server

After preparing PAX workspace, you can serve the explorer UI with explorer-ui-server:

node .pax/ascii/src/index.js --config .pax/ascii/configs/config.json

Run SonarQube Code Analysis

Install SonarQube Scanner.

If you are using Mac, try install with HomeBrew sonar-scanner formula, then update the configuration of SonarQube server at /usr/local/Cellar/sonar-scanner/<version>/libexec/conf/

Example scanner configurations:

Then you can run sonar-scanner to start code analysis.

Build pipeline has embedded the SonarQube code analysis stage.

Build and install as plugin in local zlux development environment

Modify explorer-jes/Webcontent/index.html
Change relative path for iframe-adapter.js & logger.js to absolute path.
Append with your API Gateway Hostname and Port

For example:

  <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Build web folder

cd explorer-jes
# root folder
npm install
# This will create web folder
npm run build

Install as ZLUX App/Plugin

# install in zlux locally
cd zlux/zlux-app-server/bin
./ <path-to-explorer-jes>

explorer-jes root already have sample pluginDefinition.json & will have web folder after build.

Enable Redux logs

Either use Redux Dev Tool Browser Extension in your browser Or enable redux logs by setting enableReduxLogger variable true in your local storage.

Redux Logger - Enable/Disable

Use preferences menu on top right corner to turn on or off browser settings, and refresh browser to have settings take effect. Logger Preference