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example server -> app server
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1000TurquoisePogs committed Feb 19, 2019
1 parent 5ca8f6f commit faa39fb4125446135de6e32f83128ec95fb33a4b
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@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ if [[ -z "${JUPYTER_CONFIG_DIR}" ]]; then
# Copying the app to the folder
cp -R -p pluginDefinition.json $ZOE/jupyter-app/pluginDefinition.json
cp -R -p web $ZOE/jupyter-app/web
cp -R -p org.zowe.zlux.jupyter-app.json $ZOE/zlux-example-server/plugins/org.zowe.zlux.jupyter-app.json
cp -R -p org.zowe.zlux.jupyter-app.json $ZOE/zlux-app-server/plugins/org.zowe.zlux.jupyter-app.json
cp -R -p $ZOE/jupyter-app/

cd $ZOE/zlux-build

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