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Project Structure

Zowe as project is structured into a collection of loosely affiliated sub-projects with a single oversight committee.

Zowe Leadership Committee (ZLC)

The Zowe Leadership Committee (ZLC) serves as an oversight committee for the community of Zowe projects. It's specific roles include:

  • Management of the sub-project lifecycles
  • Coordination and Mediation between various sub-projects
  • Assessing Infrastructure needs for sub-projects, and making recommendations to the Open Mainframe Project TSC for any resources needed
  • Approving releases of the Zowe framework.


The ZLC is composed of six (6) individuals who are a committer to any Zowe sub-project.

ZLC members are elected for terms of 1 or 2 years. At the end of a ZLC member's term their seat is open to be filled.

The ZLC can not contain more than two (2) individuals with the same company affiliation. The intent of this restriction is to ensure diversity of the ZLC composition.

In the event of two members with the same affiliation only one can hold a 2-year term. Should both members be elected on the same cycle, the one with the highest number of votes may choose their term. Should the votes be tied it is the member's responsibility to declare which term applies. In the case of a conflict the remaining ZLC members will choose.

Elections are held during the month of February. The following schedule will commence on the first Wednesday:

  • Day 0 Call for Nominations, email all Zowe project committers
  • Day 7 Nominations close, 11:59pm ET
  • Day 9 Voting period opens, all current Zowe project committers vote, vote by electronic mail or CIVS as appropriate
  • Day 11 Voting period ends, 11:59pm ET
  • Day 13 Election results announced


Voting is conducted via e-mail on the Zowe user mailing list. Quorum for any vote requires over 50% of voting members.

Voting members are defined as:


Sub-projects are expected to build thier own governance structure with community roles aligning with the role Definitions within sub-projects. The ZLC manages the lifecycle of a sub-project using a defined process.