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Project Structure

Zowe as project is structured into a collection of loosely affiliated sub-projects with a single oversight committee.

Zowe Advocacy Council (ZAC)

The Zowe Advocacy Council (ZAC) specific roles include:

  • Management of the sub-project lifecycles (i.e., Incubator, Active, Emeritus when incubators take the project into a new technology direction or existing projects want to split or merge)
  • Assessing Infrastructure needs for sub-projects, and making recommendations to the Open Mainframe Project TSC for any resources needed


The ZAC is composed of eight (8) individuals who are a committer to any Zowe sub-project. One voting seat is allocated for the Zowe Technical Steering Committee.

Elections are held during the month of February. The following schedule will commence on the first Wednesday:

  • Day 0 Call for Nominations, email all Zowe project committers
  • Day 7 Nominations close, 11:59pm ET
  • Day 9 Voting period opens, all current Zowe project committers vote, vote by electronic mail or CIVS as appropriate
  • Day 11 Voting period ends, 11:59pm ET
  • Day 13 Election results announced


Voting is conducted via e-mail on the Zowe user mailing list. Quorum for any vote requires over 50% of voting members.

Voting members are defined as:


Sub-projects are expected to build thier own governance structure with community roles aligning with the role Definitions within sub-projects. The ZAC manages the lifecycle of a sub-project using a defined process.