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Zowe CLI Sample Plug-in

This repository contains a sample Zowe CLI plug-in that adheres to the contribution guidelines for the project. Use this project and the associated tutorials as a starting point for creating Zowe CLI plug-ins.

Why Create a Zowe CLI Plug-in?

You might want to create a Zowe CLI plug-in to accomplish the following:

  • Provide new scriptable functionality for yourself, your organization, or to a broader community.
  • Make use of Zowe CLI infrastructure (profiles and programmatic APIs).
  • Participate in the Zowe CLI community space.

Tutorials, Documentation, and Guidelines

We also provide the following tutorials, guidelines, and documentation to assist you during development:


To learn about how to work with this sample plug-in, build new commands, or build a new Zowe CLI plug-in, see Develop for Zowe CLI.

Contribution Guidelines

The Zowe CLI contribution guidelines contain standards and conventions for developing Zowe CLI plug-ins.

The guidelines contain critical information about working with the code, running/writing/maintaining automated tests, developing consistent syntax in your plug-in, and ensuring that your plug-in integrates with Zowe CLI properly.

Imperative CLI Framework Documentation

Imperative CLI Framework documentation is a key source of information to learn about the features of Imperative CLI Framework (the code framework that you use to build plug-ins for Zowe CLI). Refer to these documents during development.

Jenkinsfile Guidelines

Reference the Jenkinsfile Guidelines for information about setting up and maintaining automated testing/deployment for your plug-in with Jenkins automation server.


Before you work with the Zowe CLI sample plug-in, install Zowe CLI globally.

Create a Local Development Space

To create your development space, clone and build the Zowe CLI sample plug-in from source.

Create a local development folder named zowe-tutorial. You will clone and build all projects in this folder.

Clone the repositories into your development folder to match the following structure:

└── zowe-cli-sample-plugin

Clone zowe-cli-sample-plugin and Build From Source

  1. cd to your zowe-tutorial folder

  2. git clone

  3. cd zowe-cli-sample-plugin

  4. npm install

  5. npm run build

    The first time that you build, the script will interactively ask you for the location of your Zowe CLI directory. Subsequent builds will not ask again.

    The build script creates symbolic links. On Windows, you might need to have Administrator privileges to create those symbolic links.

Run the Automated Tests

  1. cd __tests__/__resources__/properties
  2. Copy example_properties.yaml to custom_properties.yaml.
  3. Edit the properties within custom_properties.yaml to contain valid system information for your site.
  4. cd to your zowe-cli-sample-plugin folder
  5. npm run test

Install the zowe-cli-sample-plugin to Zowe CLI

This process assumes that you already installed Zowe CLI on your PC in the previous steps.

  1. cd to your zowe-tutorial folder.
  2. zowe plugins install ./zowe-cli-sample-plugin
  3. zowe zowe-cli-sample You should see help text displayed if the installation was successful.