Frontend boilerplate and framework based on gulp, pug, stylus and babel
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Gulp Front

A lean and powerful, gulp-based boilerplate for better front-end coding with Gulp, Pug and Stylus

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More information see in docs folder

Core features

  • Modern and fast build tool
  • Module based BEM CSS framework
  • Automatic icon system based on SVG Symbols
  • Easy PNG Sprites generation (including @2x)
  • A convenient @media mixins
  • Smart image compression


  1. Install the node.js
  2. Clone the project or download the file
    git clone --depth 1 my-project
  3. Go to project folder and run
    npm run setup
  4. Start dev server
    npm start
  5. In browser open page with address http://localhost:3000/

Main tasks

  • npm run dev - launches watchers and server
  • npm run build - compile a project
  • npm run zip - compile a project in zip
  • npm run deploy - compile a project and push in build branch to git repository
  • npm run cleanup - remove demo app

Module generator

Create empty module by name in source/modules folder

By default generate only *.pug and *.styl files.

You can call amo with additional params like js and yml

npm run amo <module-name> [js || yml]


The MIT License (MIT)