A <QRCode/> component for use with React.
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A React component to generate QR codes.


npm install qrcode.react


var React = require('react');
var QRCode = require('qrcode.react');

  <QRCode value="http://facebook.github.io/react/" />,

Available Props

prop type default value
value string
renderAs string ('canvas' 'svg') 'canvas'
size number 128
bgColor string (CSS color) "#FFFFFF"
fgColor string (CSS color) "#000000"
level string ('L' 'M' 'Q' 'H') 'L'

Custom Styles

qrcode.react will pass through any additional props to the underlying DOM node (<svg> or <canvas>). This allows the use of inline style or custom className to customize the rendering. One common use would be to support a responsive layout.

Note: In order to render QR Codes in <canvas> on high density displays, we scale the canvas element to contain an appropriate number of pixels and then use inline styles to scale back down. We will merge any additional styles, with custom height and width overriding our own values. This allows scaling to percentages but if scaling beyond the size, you will encounter blurry images. I recommend detecting resizes with something like react-measure to detect and pass the appropriate size when rendering to <canvas>.