Google Summer Of Code 2010: Ideas

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This page lists ideas of a possible participation in GSoC2010 . Actual list of mentoring organizations selected by Google will be published on 18th March 2010.

Core Node

  • Rewrite DNS module – using c-ares . See this
  • Port to windows.
  • HTML parser
  • Ability to do text user interfaces (by binding to ncurses) (a binding now exists for this for node)


  • Apache Sling-like REST style web framework.
  • A templating framework that abstracts the different languages available into a clean asynchronous wrapper
  • In browser MVC framework
  • Browser based IDE for node.js using node_debug



  • Thrift/Avro/PB interfaces
  • Port env.js to node
    • And/or maybe jsdom (-tmpvar: this is already available to node!)
    • Abstract Qt’s DOM Parser for use within Node.js.
      • Maybe a better idea, is to bind libxml2 and a XML serializer
  • Add support for UDP to node (Commit 02da5ed)
  • A graphics library, ideally using the same API as html canvas (a solid set of low level bindings to Cairo or AGG or Skia would suffice) – this is being worked on by a few people
  • Implement a well-documented, require()able message queue server (using AMQP?)
  • Implement a well-documented, require()able IRC server

KDE SOC ideas is a great place to look for a template for ideas