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## Raison
+ I'm learning things
+ I understand this is ridiculous, but - I am rolling out a page on a small personal project soon that invokes a rather slow 3rd party API. Instead of writing an invoking a memcached modules for the crappy CMS it's written in, I'm doing this, because I find it more interesting.
-+ I want. I know solutions already exist. I don't care.
-+ Hell, with time and iterations, I don't see why I can't offer something better.
++ I want to learn more node.
++ I know solutions already exist, but hell, with time and iterations I don't see why I can't offer something better.
## Fresh slate
Originally I was getting kind of complicated, and trying to learn a lot of new things at once. I was using alfred, and thinking of writing a model layer that alowed requests to be streamed into a particular field of an Alfred model for cache storage. It was all getting a bit overburdened and cumbersome.

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