A simple Swift class to get App Store ratings count
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A simple class to get the count of ratings for an iOS app. This is useful if you want to display how many ratings your app has, typically near the UI where one could tap to rate your app.


FARatingCounter has a single instance method, fetchNumberOfRatings

func fetchNumberOfRatings(appID: String, completion: @escaping fetchRatingsCompletion)

A default instance is provided via the defaultCounter class property.

You'd use it like so:

FARatingCounter.defaultCounter.fetchNumberOfRatings(appID: "391439366") {
    success, number in
    // Do something with number.

How's it work?

The App Store has a feed which provides, given an app ID, a bunch of information about that app. It vends JSON. FARatingCounter downloads this data (using NSURLSession), and parses it (via NSJSONSerialization) to get the app review count.

FARatingCounter is written in Swift 3. It can also be called from Objective-C.

Who's responsible for this?

I'm Zacharias Pasternack, lead developer for Fat Apps, LLC. You can check out my blog, or follow me on Twitter or App.net.


The code is provided under a Modified BSD License. See the LICENSE file for more info.