Sample project and test app for ZPAlertView, a UIAlertView subclass which adds block-based completion procs
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What's this?

This is an example project demonstrating ZPAlertView, a UIAlertView subclass which adds completion block invocations, rather than the traditional delegate methods.


Because blocks are hot, and delegate methods are less hot. By putting the alert completion code in a block in the calling function, rather than a separate method, you can make your code much simpler, and simple is almost always better than complex. I wrote blog posts about this technique, here and here.

How's it work?

See the linked blog articles above. Check out the code. It's pretty self-explanatory.

Who's responsible for this?

I'm Zacharias Pasternack, lead developer for Fat Apps, LLC. You can check out my blog, or follow me on Twitter or

Can I use this code?

You bet. Do whatever you want with it. If you find issues, please let me know. If you make it better, please let me know.