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The online chemistry engine.
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The online chemistry engine.


Install node.js and npm (

$ cd
$ npm install

$ sudo npm install -g gulp bower  # if not already installed.
$ gulp  # compile the LESS files to CSS. Check JavaScript syntax.

$ cd app
$ bower install

$ gulp dev  # start a development server on localhost:8010 (default)

gulp dev will automatically restart the node.js server when server files are modified

All JavaScript and LESS files are being watched by the script, and on change, are checked for errors and compiled.

When running, Nginx will be used as a web server.


We were inspired to create something different in our Chemistry class while repeatedly solving boring calculations. should make it possible to solve chemical calculations in a simple way using a great interface, and make looking up detailed information about Elements an ease.

The name was a great fit, and we immediately set out to buy it and plan the concepts of the application

Status features a complete periodic table. There is very much for us to implement and enhance.

The application will presumably go online, when the Periodic Table, the custom-sorted Table of Elements, and parts of the Calculator have been finished.

The Application


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