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Kyle R. Burton <?> the first author for gperiodic-1.x.x (1999-2002)
Jonas Frantz <> the second author for gperiodic-2.x.x (2003-2007), Swedish translation
Alexey Loginov <> the third author for gperiodic-3.x.x (2014), Russian translation
Piotr Najman <?> Polish translation, patches
Arno W. Peters <> added in gettext support, and other source changes
Georges Khaznadar <?> French translation and related code
Mauricio Rivera <?> Spanish translation
Lalo Martins <?> Portuguese translation
Sven Neumann <?> German translation
Christian Klein <?> German translation
Koen Kooi <?> Dutch translation
Ambrogio Oliva <?> Italian translation
Felix Natter <?> patches
Michael Shigorin <> Russian translation and patches
Costantino Ceoldo <?> New data and code for the table
Arkadiusz Lipiec <?> Polish translation and patches
Sebastien Bacher <> French translation, manual page, patches
Daniel Leidert <> patches
Theppitak Karoonboonyanan <> patches
Zach Ploskey <> patches from his fork of gperiodic
Jon Abbott <?> provided updates to the table
Andrew Dalke <?> corrected errors in the table
Gunner Poulsen <?> Danish translation
Gonzalo Regueiro Iglesias <> Galician translation
Leandro Regueiro <> Galician translation
Andrea Tasso <> Italian translation
Osman Köşeli <?> Turkish translation
Frederic Gobry <?> patches
Ireneusz Imiolek <> Polish translation
Oleksandr Mishchenko <> Ukrainian translation
Juan Rafael Fernández Spanish translation
Fırat Kutlu <> Turkish translation
Pavel Fric <> Czech translation
Yves Brungard <> French translation
Marcio Padula <> Brazilian Portuguese translation
Uladyslau Ahromenka <> Belarusian translation
Rémi Verschelde <> Danish translation
André-Marie Desmottes <> French translation
Marc Lattemann <> German translation
Michael Eklund <> Swedish translation