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3.0.1 Jan 7 2015
Update desktop file
3.0.0 Jun 25 2014
Update authors and changelog
Fix i18n and update all translations
Fix many erratum (Michael Shigorin and Alexey Loginov)
Fix degree, angstrom, upper indexes for i18n and for console mode (Daniel Leidert and Alexey Loginov)
Fix and update table of elements (Daniel Leidert, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan and Alexey Loginov)
Remove the DEPRECATED flags (Sebastien Bacher and Michael Shigorin)
Remove markup on console (Daniel Leidert)
Use appropriate menu icons (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan and Daniel Leidert)
Add i18n for desktop file with intltool
Make displayed element data selectable/copyable (Zach Ploskey)
Decorate buttons with element information (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan)
Return German, Spanish, Dutch, Portugese translations from gperiodic-1.3.3
Add manual from Debian with little changes (Sebastien Bacher and Alexey Loginov)
Add hicolor icons
Add Ukrainian translation (Oleksandr Mishchenko)
Update Polish translation (Ireneusz Imiolek)
Update Russian translation (Alexey Loginov)
Update Spanish translation (Juan Rafael Fernández)
Update Turkish translation (Fırat Kutlu)
Add Czech translation (Pavel Fric)
Update French translation (Yves Brungard and André-Marie Desmottes)
Add Brazilian Portuguese translation (Marcio Padula)
Add Belarusian translation (Uladyslau Ahromenka)
Update Danish translation (Rémi Verschelde)
Update German translation (Marc Lattemann)
Update Swedish translation (Michael Eklund)
2.0.10 Jul 11 2007
Minor code update & include translations
Use the standard gtk+ about window
Include the russian translation contributed by Michael Shigorin
Minor code update & include translations
Several minor fixed contributed from the Debian project has been merged.
Italian and galician translations have been included.
Minor code update
Updated the menubar code to be gtk+ 2.4 compliant.
2.0.7 Fri Oct 10 00:15:00 CET 2003
Arkadiusz Lipiec provided polish translation and patched program
to be gettextized correctly (more than 500 entries translatable)
Fixed some errors, and make symbol definition file deprecated
2.0.6 Fri Jul 25 21:30:00 CET 2003
Sebastien Bacher provided french translation and patched some
translation bugs.
Fixed some minor bugs in the translations.
2.0.5 Sun May 04 15:15:00 CET 2003
Piotr Najman <> has provided a path that fixed
bug in internationalisation. Translation for polish added.
Internationalisation support through gettext added.
Translation for swedish added.
2.0.3 Wed Mar 29 14:24:00 CET 2003
Piotr Najman <> has provided a path that added
"Appearance" and location to element data. The patch
also modify dump table function (print all data).
Made some non-intrusive changes to the code to allow for translations
with gettext.
Fixed some segmentations faults when inputting nonexisting elements
at the command line.
Corrected some misspellings and inconsistencies.
Added "Lattice c/a ratio" and "Debye temperature" to element data.
Changed outlay of element popup window to conform to new data.
Minor cleanup of sourcecode, removed unnecessary gtk+ calls.
Minor cleanup of about window.
2.0.1 Wed Mar 05 11:26:39 CET 2003
Piotr Najman <> has provided a patch
that added the following data points to the table:
. Discovery date
. Discovered by
. Named after
and added the code necessary to access the data.
Port to gtk2, major rewrite and reconfiguring of the code. Removed some
parts which seem to be unnecessary.
1.3.3 Fri Jan 18 10:34:38 EST 2002
Applied a patch from Jonas Frantz <> that
added lattice structure and lattice constants. The patch also
added some atom radiuses which were not present in previous versions.
1.3.2 Mon Aug 27 22:58:25 EDT 2001
Fixed bug in cmdline_interface.c(90), it was causing coredump when
printing an element.
1.3.0 Thu Apr 5 00:04:13 EDT 2001
Michael Shigorin <> has provided a ru.po to translate
the application into Russian.
I've started on a new data access/storage scheme. I want to abstract
the data away from the interface as much as possible. My first steps
towards this end was to allow the internal table to be dumped
and make it possible to load the table from an external file.
That lead me into building a command line interface. So far,
the dump functionality is working, as well as an interactive
shell like environment (complete with readline support - even
history). I also extended the command line interface to support
the dumping of specific element information, as well as being
able to run interactive commands solely from the command line.
That basicly makes this our first development release. I'm going to start
from here with the convention that an odd minor version number
indicates a development version, while an even minor version
indicates a stable version.
Revision numbers will increment as releases are made for bug fixes
or minor changes in the application. Minor numbers will increment
as new features are added. Major will increment as large portions
change internally [like when the new data access scheme is
complete]. So the 1.3 series should result in a 2.0 application.
1.2.6a Wed Apr 4 13:50:46 EDT 2001
Felix Natter <> pointed out the fact that po/
was specified in the configure script was incorrect, and should
have been po/Makefile. This release corrects that build issue.
Newer versions of gettext seem to make use of the environment variable
LANGUAGE instead of LANG. I've added some documentation to the
README for using gperiodic in these environments.
1.2.6 Wed Sep 8 09:11:26 EDT 1999
Ambrogio Oliva <> has provided
an it.po file, giving us a new translation - Italian. I made some
changes to the build process, adding in tests for each of the
languages into (though you need to have to have installed
before the tests work -- I don't know how to get gettext to look
in the po directory instead of the installed lang directory), and
a 'make distrib' to build a source distribution.
1.2.5 Thu Jul 29 11:02:48 EDT 1999
Thanks to Koen Kooi <> we now have support for
1.2.4 Fri Jul 16 09:10:13 EDT 1999
New German changes from Christian Klein <>.
Christian -- Every time I try to reply to your email, it bounces
back. Do I have a valid address for you?
Frederic Gobry <> suggested changing asprintf() to
g_strdup_printf() to increace portability.
Martin Willemoes Hansen <> wrote in to say that
GPeriodic 1.2.0 will now be part of the Stampede distribution.
Added version to, and to the about dialog box...
1.2.3 Thu Jul 15 13:54:39 EDT 1999
Sven Neumann <> has provided a full
translation for German. This effects only the de.po file.
1.2.1 Tue Jul 13 12:04:36 EDT 1999
Added color values to the table_entry structure, and the related
code to set the colors of the buttons -- also added the rbg data to
the table_data.c file.
1.2.0 Mon Jul 12 11:53:32 EDT 1999
Integrated changes from Arno Peters <> - includes
use of automake. Changed sources to remove all the c++ constructs,
making gperiodic pure c. Integragted gettext to add (proper) support for
internationalization. Removed the command line switches...which are no
longer needed as gettext should detect the locale and display the
proper language based on it.
1.1.1 Fri Jul 2 13:40:08 EDT 1999
Created initial manpage.
Added checks to the configure script for perl, and gtk+ version 1.2.1
1.2.1 may not be necessary, but it's the version I used for development,
so that's all I have to go on.
Cleaned up the src/Makefile -- it now uses a pattern rule to produce
the static table data. This included updating the script
to detect the language string (en/fr/etc) from the file name.
Updated the top level makefile so it can do an install -- it only
installs to /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/man for now.
1.1.0 Wed Jun 30 16:45:30 EDT 1999
Wow! This thing is getting translated fast.
Lalo Martins <> - just sent me a portuguese translation
for the strings table. This give the menus and messages a translation,
but not the element table data -- that is supposed to be comming.
This brings the software to this state concerning translation:
Language Strings Table
English Yes Yes
French Yes Yes
Spanish Yes Yes
German No Yes
Portuguese Yes No
1.0.7 Wed Jun 30 09:57:42 EDT 1999
Changes from Georges Khaznadar <>,
that include a translation of the format sting for the tooltips
(abbriviations were in english, now they can be translated),
and French language corrections.
German is now on the list of supported languages -- this translation
is so far only for the table data, I'm trying to contact the person
who sent me the translation, but the mail keeps bouncing back.
If anyone knows this person, or can give me more information, I'd
appriciate it: Christian Klein <>
1.0.6 Tue Jun 29 13:43:05 EDT 1999
Mauricio Rivera <> -- provided a translation
to Spanish. Use -l es to have GPeriodic appear in Spanish.
1.0.5 Thu Jun 24 13:09:52 EDT 1999
Georges Khaznadar <> -- provided translation
for a French adaptation! and the code has been added in...
1.0.4 Thu Jun 24 10:09:42 EDT 1999
Migrated the element datastructure to a C++ object, this should fix
some of the crashes some people have been experiencing.
Jean Meloche <> -- pointed out some bugfixes, should be
fixed by the move to the C++ object.
Jon Abbott <> -- table data fixe(s).
Andrew Dalke <> -- provided new data (Pauling
negativity numbers)
Added more information to the table, as provided by:
jon abbott <>
1.0.2 Sat Jun 5 14:02:07 EDT 1999
Changed the tooltips around a little bit, and enabled the -t
command line option to read directly from the text file instead
of the internal you can choose either at runtime.
1.0.1 Fri Jun 4 10:19:26 EDT 1999
I was contacted by Andrew Dalke <> shortly after
posting GPeriodic to the internet, and he graciously pointed out
an extensive list of inconsistiencies in the data I was using for
the table. I've made these changes to the table, so it should
be quite a bit more up to date.
I also made the attempt at using autoconf, though I don't think I'm
using it as well as I could be...
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