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GPeriodic a gtk+ [and command line] application.
A graphical application for browsing the periodic table
Gperiodic displays a periodic table of the elements, allowing you to
browse through the elements, and view detailed information about each
element. This program also features a non-graphical interface.
Copyright © 1999-2002 Kyle R. Burton, 2003-2007 Jonas Frantz, 2014 Alexey Loginov
All Rights Reserved.
This program is copyrighted under the GNU GPLv2 or later. Please see the file gpl.txt,
or, to obtain a copy of the GNU GPL, please visit:
See the file AUTHORS for a list of who has contributed to the application.
The original purpose of this project was to help Jonas Frantz learn gtk+.
The latest version of the software can be found at:
See the file ChangeLog for more information about this software.