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Revision history for NetHack-Item
0.13 Apr 9 2011
delegate attr functionality manually to avoid warnings (Jason May)
appease future dzil deprecation (Jason May)
0.12 Wed Sep 30 22:45:12 2009
Arrrrgh packaging. (doy)
0.11 Wed Sep 30 21:28:31 2009
Better handling for unknown/inconsistent BUC states (Sartak)
More Moose fixes (doy)
0.10 Sun May 10 16:22:14 2009
Make incorporate_stats and incorporate_stats_from a parameterized
role (Sartak)
Moose fixes (doy)
0.09 Sun Apr 5 15:40:31 2009
Depend on NetHack::Monster::Spoiler instead of including monster
spoilers in this dist (doy)
Add vegan and vegetarian to food spoilers (doy)
Tin fixes (doy)
Replace 'unsafe' with a hash of what's actually unsafe about food (doy)
Reify statues and figurines (doy)
Add glyphs (doy)
0.08 Sat Mar 14 11:08:32 2009
Fix major bug where equipment would get out of date (sorear)
0.07 Wed Feb 25 01:52:39 2009
Spoiler->all_identities (Sartak)
Instrument->tonal (Sartak)
Item->fits_in_slot, under_cursed, blockers, slots_inside_out (sorear)
Fix update_armor to work on rings (sorear)
Support for tracking worn amulet and blindfold (sorear)
Parser enhancement for "4 daggers (wielded)" (sorear)
Materials are now listed in spoilers (sorear)
Item->is_metallic (sorear)
Better handling for unique corpses (sorear)
NetHack::Item::Slot (equipment) type (sorear)
0.06 Tue Feb 17 23:18:05 2009
Gold never goes into the inventory
Throw a warning if we're throwing away an inventory item in an update
Improved artifact handling
Fix evolving charge (both items need to do the role)
MooseX::Role::Matcher is recommended (but not used) in place of our
horrible hack which is now gone
Many fixes for equipment tracking
Handle plural unidentified eggs
Load all tracker classes
new_item no longer does inventory tracking, since it could be a
container slot
Account for quantity in weight
Remove some hacks that sneaked in for initial TAEB support
Spoilers now track stackability, tin weight, corpse permanence
You can't drop worn items
Item->spoiler_values, maybe_is, remove_damage, throw_range
Item->name which is artifact or identity or appearance
Inventory->exact_weight, decrease_quantity, add
ItemPool->item_class, _create_item
0.05 Tue Dec 9 00:46:18 2008
Depend on Set::Object. Oops.
0.04 Sat Dec 6 01:12:36 2008
Implementation of all the features I need is done!
NetHack::ItemPool and its modules are now part of this dist
0.03 Sun Nov 16 03:00:00 2008
Item->incorporate_stats_from(Item) and Item->is_evolution_of(Item)
These are used to update items with obvious stats from newer copies
of the same item. Such as when you look at your inventory again and
notice your sword has increased in enchantment.
Tests for charging (thanks arcanehl) and fixes
Corpses are now a subtype of food
0.02 Wed Nov 12 22:54:18 2008
Too much to list, biggest is addition of subtypes and plenty of
internals cleanup
0.01 Fri Jul 04 07:42:41 2008
First version, released on an unsuspecting world.