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%% This is file `helvetica.sty', based on helvet.sty extended to include
%% definitions for rm and tt. This means commands such as \textbf, \textit,
%% etc. will appear in Helvetica.
%% Changes added by Harriet Borton on <1995/12/11>
%% The original source files were:
%% psfonts.dtx (with options: `helvet')
%% Copyright (C) 1994 Sebastian Rahtz
%% All rights reserved.
%% The original file is part of the PSNFSS2e package.
%% -----------------------------------------
%% This is a generated file. Permission is granted to to customize the
%% declarations in this file to serve the needs of your installation.
%% However, no permission is granted to distribute a modified version of
%% this file under its original name.
\def\docdate {94/11/06}
Helvetica PSNFSS2e package]
%% End of file `helvetica.sty'.