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% Zach Morgan's Resume
% Adapted from Andrew McNabb's Resume
% Name and contact information
\newcommand{\name}{Zach Morgan}
\newcommand{\addr}{4306 Halliwell Dr, Raleigh, NC 27606}
\newcommand{\phone}{(919) 265-7487}
% New commands and environments
% This defines how the name looks
% A ressection is a main section (<H1>Section</H1>)
% A resitem is a simple list element in a ressection (first level)
\item \begin{flushleft} #1 \end{flushleft}
% A ressubitem is a simple list element in anything but a ressection (second level)
\item \begin{flushleft} #1 \end{flushleft}
% A resbigitem is a complex list element for stuff like jobs and education:
% Arg 1: Name of company or university
% Arg 2: Location
% Arg 3: Title and/or date range
\textbf{#1}---#2 \\
% This is a list that comes with a resbigitem
% This is a simple sublist
% Now for the actual document:
\fontfamily{ppl} \selectfont
% Name with horizontal rule
\vspace{-8pt} \rule{\textwidth}{1pt}
\vspace{-1pt} {\small\itshape \addr \hfill \phone; \email}
\vspace{8 pt}
\resitem{I am seeking open-ended opportunities with potential to further my skillset \& experience in unanticipated directions.}
\resitem{B.S. in Computer Science, December 2009}{The University of North Carolina at Greensboro}
\resitem{\textbf{Operating Systems:} Linux (Ubuntu, Debian), Windows 2000/XP/7}
\begin{reslist}{Computer Languages:}
\ressubitem{Proficient in Perl, Javascript, Regular expressions, SQL, C, C++, HTML, Java}
\ressubitem{Familiar with Ruby, \LaTeX, Java, Bash, Python}
\begin{reslist}{Tools and Systems:}
\ressubitem{Proficient in Mojolicious, Catalyst, DBIx::Class, Moose, SQLite, Git, Redis, GTK+}
\ressubitem{Familiar with Vim, MySQL, Lighttpd, Android, PDL}
\resitem{\textbf{Other Skills:}
Machine learning, Text processing, APIs, OpenID, OAuth, Excellent car driver}
%\begin{ressection}{Achievements and Activities}
% \resitem{Officer of the UNCG Chapter of Association for Computing Machinery}
% \resitem{Earned Life Scout Rank, Boy Scouts of America (2003)}
% \end{ressection}
\textbf{#1}---#2 \\
\resproj{Basilisk Go Server}{Senior Project at UNCG was to build a a successful correspondence
board game server in Perl. It demonstrates proficiency with object-relational mapping (ORM),
web templating with forms and javascript, version control, regular expressions.}
%%% \ressubitem{Server is at}
%%% \ressubitem{Source with revision history is at}
%\resproj{Collision::2D}{Collision::2D is a float-precision continuous collision detection
% system for some geometric shapes in 2D; it detects collisions between
% points, circles, and rects of any size and velocity.
% Originally implemented on Moose, it was ported to an XS backend.}
AI::Nerl is a perceptron-type neural network library. AI::Nerl uses PDL, the Perl Data
Language for fast linear operations, including training using backpropagation.
AI::Nerl has been used to build a digit classifier and a general image classifier.
\resproj{Cinderblock Go Server}{
Another Go server, a vast improvement from Basilisk. Uses Redis for storage and websockets
to enable either correspondence or real-time play. Games::Go::Cinderblock spawned as a
variant rulemap implementation. Scrollable board rendered with HTML5 canvas.
POV-Ray was also used to render the pieces.
\resproj{Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead}{
An established post-apocalyptic sandbox-style roguelike game. I solved almost all of the
instability problems and rewrote the vehicle collision system to enable more "realistic"
vehicle-vehicle collisions.
A transcript editor \& an exercise in workflow optimization.
Wordbath's features include tempo change, home-row key combinations,
basic text-audio alignment, and an xml-based markup language.