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Rick Dangerous
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Remember Rick Dangerous?

Way before Lara Croft, back in the 1980's and early 1990's, Rick Dangerous was the Indiana Jones of computer games, running away from rolling rocks, avoiding traps, from South America to a futuristic missile base via Egypt and the Schwarzendumpf castle.

xrick is a clone of Rick Dangerous, produced by carefully reverse-engineering the PC and Atari versions of the game, and re-coding in C. It has been ported to Windows, Linux, but also BeOs, Amiga, QNX, and all sorts of gaming console.

You can read more about Rick Dangerous straight from his creator, Simon Phipps, and more about xrick at the original xrick page. The code for xrick was only available as Zip files on that page: the goal of this repository is to release it in a more convenient way.

So far, it contains:

  • The "Dec 12th, 2002" release (#021212) which is the last version I published in 2002
  • The "May, 2005" release (#050500) which was never released, and is a bit cleaner (?)
  • Ported from SDL to SDL2
  • With adjustments so it can build with emscripten

This is all work-in-progress and will be updated.

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