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xrick is a clone of Rick Dangerous, known to run on Linux, Windows, BeOs, Amiga, QNX, all sorts of gaming consoles...

License agreement & legal bable

I (BigOrno) have written the initial xrick code. However, graphics and maps and sounds are by the authors of the original Rick Dangerous game, and "Rick Dangerous" remains a trademark of its owner(s) -- maybe Core Design (who wrote the game) or FireBird (who published it). As of today, I have not been successful at contacting Core Design.

This makes it a bit difficult to formally release the whole code, including data for graphics and maps and sounds, under the terms of licences such as the GNU General Public Licence. So the code is released "in the spirit" of the GNU GPL. Whatever that means.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.



  1. Create a build directory
$ cd xrick-x.x.x
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
  1. Generate your Makefile

$ cmake ../source/xrick/projects/cmake

  1. Build

$ make

  1. Install (optional)

$ make install


xrick --help will tell you all about command-line options.


  • left, right, up (jump) or down (crawl): arrow keys or Z, X, O and K.
  • fire: SPACE, end: E, pause: P, exit: ESC.
  • use left, right, up, down + fire to poke something with your stick, lay a stick of dynamite, or fire a bullet.
  • toggle fullscreen: F1 ; zoom in/out: F2, F3.
  • mute: F4 ; volume up/down: F5, F6.
  • cheat modes, "trainer": F7 ; "never die": F8 ; "expose": F9.

More details at

Release History

Please see the file called


Report problems or ask questions to:


a clone of the game "Rick Dangerous"



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