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Deep Sort with PyTorch



  • fix bugs
  • refactor code
  • accerate detection by adding nms on gpu



  • bug fix (Thanks @JieChen91 and @yingsen1 for bug reporting).
  • using batch for feature extracting for each frame, which lead to a small speed up.
  • code improvement.

Futher improvement direction

  • Train detector on specific dataset rather than the official one.
  • Retrain REID model on pedestrain dataset for better performance.
  • Replace YOLOv3 detector with advanced ones.



  • Added resnet network to the appearance feature extraction network in the deep folder

  • Fixed the NMS bug in the and also fixed covariance calculation bug in the in the sort folder


  • Added YOLOv5 detector, aligned interface, and added YOLOv5 related yaml configuration files. Codes references this repo: YOLOv5-v6.1.

  • The, and in the original YOLOv5 were deleted. This repo only need


  • Added tracking target category, which can display both category and tracking ID simultaneously.



  • Added Mask RCNN instance segmentation model. Codes references this repo: mask_rcnn. Visual result saved in demo/demo2.gif.
  • Similar to YOLOv5,, and were deleted. This repo only need maskrcnn_resnet50_fpn_coco.pth.


  • Added tracking target mask, which can display both category, tracking ID and target mask simultaneously.

latest Update(09-06-2024)

feature extraction network

  • Using nn.parallel.DistributedDataParallel in PyTorch to support multiple GPUs training.
  • Added for better using and

Updated for previously updated content(#Update(23-05-2024) and #Update(28-05-2024)).

Any contributions to this repository is welcome!


This is an implement of MOT tracking algorithm deep sort. Deep sort is basicly the same with sort but added a CNN model to extract features in image of human part bounded by a detector. This CNN model is indeed a RE-ID model and the detector used in PAPER is FasterRCNN , and the original source code is HERE.
However in original code, the CNN model is implemented with tensorflow, which I'm not familier with. SO I re-implemented the CNN feature extraction model with PyTorch, and changed the CNN model a little bit. Also, I use YOLOv3 to generate bboxes instead of FasterRCNN.


  • python 3 (python2 not sure)
  • numpy
  • scipy
  • opencv-python
  • sklearn
  • torch >= 1.9
  • torchvision >= 0.13
  • pillow
  • vizer
  • edict
  • matplotlib
  • pycocotools
  • tqdm

Quick Start

  1. Check all dependencies installed
pip install -r requirements.txt

for user in china, you can specify pypi source to accelerate install like:

pip install -r requirements.txt -i
  1. Clone this repository
git clone
  1. Download detector parameters
# if you use YOLOv3 as detector in this repo
cd detector/YOLOv3/weight/
cd ../../../

# if you use YOLOv5 as detector in this repo
cd detector/YOLOv5
cd ../../

# if you use Mask RCNN as detector in this repo
cd detector/Mask_RCNN/save_weights
cd ../../../
  1. Download deepsort feature extraction networks weight
# if you use original model in PAPER
cd deep_sort/deep/checkpoint
# download ckpt.t7 from to this folder
cd ../../../

# if you use resnet18 in this repo
cd deep_sort/deep/checkpoint
cd ../../../
  1. (Optional) Compile nms module if you use YOLOv3 as detetor in this repo
cd detector/YOLOv3/nms
cd ../../..

Notice: If compiling failed, the simplist way is to **Upgrade your pytorch >= 1.1 and torchvision >= 0.3" and you can avoid the troublesome compiling problems which are most likely caused by either gcc version too low or libraries missing.

  1. (Optional) Prepare third party submodules


This library supports bagtricks, AGW and other mainstream ReID methods through providing an fast-reid adapter.

to prepare our bundled fast-reid, then follow instructions in its README to install it.

Please refer to configs/fastreid.yaml for a sample of using fast-reid. See Model Zoo for available methods and trained models.


This library supports Faster R-CNN and other mainstream detection methods through providing an MMDetection adapter.

to prepare our bundled MMDetection, then follow instructions in its README to install it.

Please refer to configs/mmdet.yaml for a sample of using MMDetection. See Model Zoo for available methods and trained models.


git submodule update --init --recursive
  1. Run demo
usage: [-h]
                   [--config_fastreid CONFIG_FASTREID]
                   [--config_mmdetection CONFIG_MMDETECTION]
                   [--config_detection CONFIG_DETECTION]
                   [--config_deepsort CONFIG_DEEPSORT] [--display]
                   [--frame_interval FRAME_INTERVAL]
                   [--display_width DISPLAY_WIDTH]
                   [--display_height DISPLAY_HEIGHT] [--save_path SAVE_PATH]
                   [--cpu] [--camera CAM]

# yolov3 + deepsort
python [VIDEO_PATH] --config_detection ./configs/yolov3.yaml

# yolov3_tiny + deepsort
python [VIDEO_PATH] --config_detection ./configs/yolov3_tiny.yaml

# yolov3 + deepsort on webcam
python3 /dev/video0 --camera 0

# yolov3_tiny + deepsort on webcam
python3 /dev/video0 --config_detection ./configs/yolov3_tiny.yaml --camera 0

# yolov5s + deepsort
python [VIDEO_PATH] --config_detection ./configs/yolov5s.yaml

# yolov5m + deepsort
python [VIDEO_PATH] --config_detection ./configs/yolov5m.yaml

# mask_rcnn + deepsort
python [VIDEO_PATH] --config_detection ./configs/mask_rcnn.yaml --segment

# fast-reid + deepsort
python [VIDEO_PATH] --fastreid [--config_fastreid ./configs/fastreid.yaml]

# MMDetection + deepsort
python [VIDEO_PATH] --mmdet [--config_mmdetection ./configs/mmdet.yaml]

Use --display to enable display image per frame.
Results will be saved to ./output/results.avi and ./output/results.txt.

All files above can also be accessed from BaiduDisk!
linker:BaiduDisk passwd:fbuw

Training the RE-ID model

Check to start training progress using standard benchmark or customized dataset.

Demo videos and images

demo.avi demo2.avi

1.jpg 2.jpg