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em-shorty 0.5.0
One of many url shortening apps out there. Was inspired by an article I read at:
This project is currently live at:
I added quite a few things.
1. Now uses rack-fiber_pool, em_mysql2, em-resolv-replace, em-synchrony, and em-http-request for async requests.
2. Fully localized with i18n
3. Templates are flushed out and look good.
4. Added bundler and rvm support.
5. Added less support.
6. Battery of Unit Tests.
7. Added copy support via ZeroClipboard -
8. XML, JSON, YAML support.
9. Dalli for speedy memcache support.
10. Tux is included for console debugging.
To start the server:
bundle exec thin -R start
This will fire it up on port 3000.
To run the tests:
RACK_ENV=test rake db:migrate
bundle exec rake test
To launch a console:
bundle exec rake console