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BXbase Package Bundle

LaTeX: Support library for other BX packages

The main purpose of this bundle is to serve as underlying library to make work other packages created by the same author (their names start with “BX” or “PX”).

However bxbase package contains a few user-level commands and is of some use by itself.

System Requirements

  • TeX format: LaTeX.
  • TeX engine: Any engine.
  • DVI-ware (in DVI output): Anything.

Package content

  • bxbase.sty: the ‘bxbase’ package
  • bxbase.def: a submodule of ‘bxbase’
  • bxtoolbox.sty: the ‘bxtoolbox’ package
  • bxtoolbox.def: a submodule of ‘bxtoolbox’
  • bxtoolbox-ext.def: a submodule of ‘bxtoolbox’
  • bxtoolbox-ja.def: a submodule of ‘bxtoolbox’
  • bxutf8.def: the ‘bxutf8’ input encoding definition
  • bxutf8x.def: the ‘bxutf8x’ input encoding definition
  • zxbase.sty: the ‘zxbase’ package
  • bxbase-ja.pdf: the user manual for the ‘bxbase’ (in Japanese)
  • bxbase-ja.tex: the source file of bxbase-ja.pdf


In a system compliant to TDS 1.1, move the files as follows:

  • *.sty, *.def → $TEXMF/tex/latex/BXbase

And rehash your TEXMF trees if necessary.


This package is distributed under the MIT License.

bxbase Package ― The base library

This package provides many package-level features, which are required by other packages created by the same author.

It also contains some user-level commands, but most of such commands have been deprecated since v1.1, except a few which are related to inputting Japanese text.

Unfortunately the documentation is available only in Japanese. (However, those unfamiliar with the Japanese language will probably have no need to load this package directly.)

bxtoolbox Package ― To emulate etoolbox on non-e-TeX

The main goal of this package is to provide part of the functions of the etoolbox package for TeX engines without e-TeX extension. (Note that TeX users in Japan have long used the pTeX engine for writing Japanese, and e-TeX extention for the engine did not appeared until around 2010.)

Note that when this package is loaded in e-TeX engines, then it loads the real etoolbox and uses the functions of that package.

e-TeX functions provided by this package

Below is the list:

\AfterPreamble \AtEndPreamble \AfterEndPreamble
\csdef \csgdef \csedef \csxdef
\cslet \letcs \csletcs \undef \csundef
\appto \gappto \eappto \xappto
\csappto \csgappto \cseappto \csxappto
\preto \gpreto \epreto \xpreto
\cspreto \csgpreto \csepreto \csxpreto
\newbool \providebool \booltrue \boolfalse
\setbool \ifbool \notbool
\newtoggle \providetoggle \toggletrue \togglefalse
\settoggle \iftoggle \nottoggle
\ifdef \ifundef
\ifstrequal \ifstrempty

“Fakes” provided by this package

These commands have a name of the original command prefixed by “bx”, that is, \bxZzz instead of \zzz. Some come in two versions: \bxZzz works as \zzz but is lack of expandability \zzz has, whereas \bxZzzX is expandable as \zzz is but otherwise flawed.

  • \bxNewrobustcmd: Uses LaTeX-protect instead of \protected.
  • \bxRenewrobustcmd: Ditto.
  • \bxProviderobustcmd: Ditto.
  • \bxRobustify: Ditto.
  • \bxCsuse: Forbidden in moving arguments.
  • \bxCsuseX: Suffering from \relax’ifying.
  • \bxCsshow: Forbidden in moving arguments.
  • \bxIfcsdef: Forbidden in moving arguments.
  • \bxIfcsundef: Forbidden in moving arguments.
  • \bxIfcsundefX: Suffering from \relax’ifying.

Note: On e-TeX extended engines, these commands are simply aliases to the real commands of etoolbox.

zxbase Package ― The base library for XeTeX

This package provides XeTeX-specific features, which are required by other packages created by the same author.

For the present this package contains no public features.

Revision History

  • Version 1.2 〈2020/10/04〉
    • Support LaTeX kernel 2020/10/01.
  • Version 1.1 〈2017/05/29〉
  • Version 1.0 〈2013/04/29〉
  • Version 0.5 〈2010/06/15〉
  • Version 0.4a 〈2009/11/16〉
  • Version 0.4 〈2009/07/05〉
  • Version 0.3 〈2008/04/06〉
  • Version 0.2 〈2008/03/28〉

Takayuki YATO (aka. "ZR")


LaTeX: Support library for other BX packages







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