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BXpdfver Package

LaTeX: To specify the version and compression level of output PDF files

This package enables users to specify in their sources the following settings on the PDF document to output:

  • PDF version (1.4, 1.5 etc.);
  • whether or not to compress streams;
  • whether or not to use object streams.
  • precision of decimal numbers used in PDF commands
  • whether or not to preserve (not shorten) PDF destination names


  • TeX format: LaTeX.
  • TeX engine: pdfTeX, XeTeX, LuaTeX, and any DVI-output engines.
  • DVI-ware (in DVI mode): dvipdfmx.
  • Required packages:
    • atbegshi (when using dvipdfmx driver)


  • *.sty → $TEXMF/tex/latex/BXpdfver


This package is distributed under the MIT license.

bxpdfver package



The available options are:

  • 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 or 2.0: Sets PDF version.
  • nocompress: Suppresses stream compression.
  • compress (default): Does not suppress stream compression.
  • noobjcompress: Suppresses use of object streams.
  • objcompress (default): Does not suppress use of object streams.
  • Driver options: As below:
    • When using a PDF-output engine, you need not give driver options since the appropriate one is auto-detected.
    • dvipdfmx: Uses dvipdfmx driver.
    • nodvidriver/disabled: Disables all functions of the package.
      NB. This option sets lenient+ by default.
  • lenient: Turns the errors for unsupported features into warnings.
  • lenient+: Suppreseses the errors for unsupported features.
  • nolenient: Negation of lenient(+).

Note that the options compress and objcompress mean that this package does not suppress a feature. They do not reactivate a feature when it is already suppressed by other means.


  • \setpdfversion{<version>}: Sets PDF version. Here <version> is either one of the following:
    • 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 or 2.0; the version itself.
    • the name of a PDF file; the version is set equal to that of the given file.
  • \suppresspdfcompression: Suppresses stream compression.
  • \suppresspdfobjcompression: Suppresses use of object streams.
  • \setpdfdecimaldigits{<precision>}: Sets the precision (the number of digits after decimal points) of the decimal numbers that appear in PDF command sequences.
  • \preservepdfdestinations: Stops shortening the PDF destination names and uses the original names given in the LaTeX documents. This is necessary for cross-document links to work correctly.


       \ Drivers (engines)     pdfTeX     dvipdfmx
Features                       / LuaTeX   / XeTeX    others
---------------------------    ---------  ---------  ------
\setpdfversion                 Yes        Yes        No
\suppresspdfcompression        Yes        Maybe(*2)  No
\suppresspdfobjcompression     Yes        Maybe(*2)  No
\setpdfdecimaldigits           Yes        Maybe(*2)  No
\preservepdfdestinations       No-op(*1)  Maybe(*2)  No
  1. In pdfTeX and LuaTeX, PDF destination names are never shortened; that is, it can be thought as if \preservepdfdestinations were always in effect.
  2. These features are available only when the version of (x)dvipdfmx is 20160307 or later. Also shell escape must be accepted (with or without restriction) so that kpsewhich and extractbb will be allowed to run, because those programs are used in order to detect the dvipdfmx version.

More notices:

  • If you try to use unavailable features, an error will occur.
  • The package recognizes some “unsupported” driver options such as dvips; when such drivers are used, use of any feature will cause an error.
  • The use of nodvidriver sets lenient* by default; use of any feature will do nothing (nor issue an error).


  • Version 0.6 ‹2022/04/28›
    • Added the lenient+ and nolenient options.
  • Version 0.5a ‹2021/02/14›
    • Adjustment for the new version of hyperref.
  • Version 0.5 ‹2020/04/19›
    • Suuport PDF version value 2.0.
  • Version 0.4 ‹2017/02/11›
    • Add \setpdfdecimaldigits and \preservepdfdestinations.
  • Version 0.3 ‹2016/08/11›
    • Supported all features on dvipdfmx/XeTeX.
  • Version 0.2b ‹2016/08/10›
    • Added the lenient option.
    • Supported the newer version of LuaTeX.
  • Version 0.2a ‹2015/08/05›
    • Minor fix.
  • Version 0.2 ‹2014/07/04›
    • First public version.

Takayuki YATO (aka. "ZR")


LaTeX package to set output PDF version







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