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PXbase Package Bundle

LaTeX: Tools for use with (u)pLaTeX

The main purpose of this package is to provide auxiliary functions which are utilized by packages created by the same author. This package also provides a few user commands to assist in creating Japanese document on (u)pLaTeX.

System Requirements

  • TeX format: LaTeX.
  • TeX engine: pTeX and upTeX.
  • DVI-ware (in DVI output): Anything.

Package content

  • pxbase.sty: the pxbase package
  • pxbase.def: a submodule (no longer used)
  • pxbabel.sty: the pxbabel package
  • pxbasenc.def: a submodule
  • pxjsfenc.def: a submodule
  • pxbsjc.def: a helper file for pxbase
  • pxbsjc1.def: a helper file for pxbase
  • upkcat.sty: the upkcat package

Some files are kept present for compatibility with other packages.


In a system compliant to TDS 1.1, move the files as follows:

  • *.sty → $TEXMF/tex/platex/pxbase

And rehash your TEXMF trees if necessary.


This package is distributed under the MIT License.

pxbase package ― the (quondam) base library for pTeX

The package used to provide pTeX-specific features required by other packages. However, it has been merged with the bxbase package since v0.9, and currently it simply loads bxbase internally.

pxbabel package ― To help use Babel with Japanese document

Currently the documentation is available only in Japanese (see pxbabel.pdf).

upkcat package ― To safely operate with kcatcode

Currently the documentation is available only in Japanese (see

Revision History

  • Version 1.1b 〈2017/07/03〉
  • Version 1.1a 〈2017/06/19〉
  • Version 1.1 〈2017/05/29〉
  • Version 0.5i 〈2017/05/04〉 ― for CTAN
  • Version 0.9b 〈2012/08/19〉
  • Version 0.5 〈2010/06/15〉
  • Version 0.4a 〈2010/02/07〉
  • Version 0.4 〈2009/07/05〉
  • Version 0.3 〈2008/04/06〉
  • Version 0.2b 〈2008/03/28〉
  • Version 0.2a 〈2008/03/18〉
  • Version 0.2 〈2008/03/14〉

Takayuki YATO (aka. "ZR")


LaTeX: Support library for other PX packages




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