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LaTeX: to make JIS/CID JFMs emulated by Unicode JFMs (on (u)pLaTeX)
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PXufont Package

LaTeX: To emulate non-Unicode Japanese fonts using Unicode fonts

The set of the Japanese logical fonts (JFMs) that are used as standard fonts in pTeX and upTeX contains both Unicode JFMs and non-Unicode JFMs. This bundle provides an alternative set of non-Unicode JFMs that are tied to the virtual fonts (VFs) that refer to the glyphs in the Unicode JFMs. Moreover it provides a LaTeX package that redefines the NFSS settings of the Japanese fonts of (u)pLaTeX so that the new set of non-Unicode JFMs will be employed. As a whole, this bundle allows users to dispense with the mapping setup on non-Unicode JFMs.

Such setup is useful in particular when users want to use such OpenType fonts (such as Source Han Serif) that have a glyph encoding different from Adobe-Japan1, because mapping setup from non-Unicode JFMs to such physical fonts are difficult to prepare.

System requirement

  • TeX format: LaTeX.
  • TeX engine: pTeX / upTeX.
  • DVI drivers: Anything that supports JFMs and VFs.
  • Dependent packages:
    • ifptex


  • *.sty → $TEXMF/tex/platex/pxufont/
  • tfm/*.tfm → $TEXMF/fonts/tfm/public/pxufont/
  • vf/*.vf → $TEXMF/fonts/vf/public/pxufont/


This package is distributed under the MIT License.

The pxufont Package

Package Loading


There are no package options available. Once the package is loaded, the NFSS settings for the standard Japanese fonts will be redeclared.

Note: When you use both this package and the japanese-otf package, then you must load japanese-otf earlier.


For present, this package has no public commands. All the settings are done through the package option.

The pxufont-ruby Package

This package is an alternative to the pxufont package. The difference between the two is the way the “ruby notation fonts” of the japanese-otf package are handled; pxufont disables the ruby fonts and substitutes then with ordinary fonts, whereas pxufont-ruby supports also the ruby fonts. This feature however requires extra settings of font mapping.

Package Loading


Note that pxufont and pxufont-ruby are mutually exclusive; when both packages are loaded, then the one loaded earlier will be effective.

NB. Developers can test whether pxufont-ruby is effective by testing whether \pxufontUseRubyFont is defined.

Revision History

  • Version 0.5 〈2019/02/28〉

    • Support for the fonts of ruby notation forms.
  • Version 0.4 〈2019/02/15〉

    • Support for the fonts of min10 series.
    • Fix erroneous zu-jisg.vf.
  • Version 0.3 〈2017/07/07〉

    • Emulate also some Unicode fonts which VFs map to non-Unicode fonts.
  • Version 0.2 〈2017/06/28〉

    • The first public version.

Takayuki YATO (aka. "ZR")

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