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Use the following steps to import VistA from this source tree into a fresh M
environment to start a new VistA instance. Assumptions:
- This source tree is checked out in a Git work tree
- A Python interpreter is available (tested with version 2.7)
Visit to obtain Python.
- An empty M database has been initialized and configured
- InterSystems Cache: Configure a VISTA namespace to point at the empty
database. Add VistA's usual Routine and Global namespace mappings.
- GT.M: Configure the database with maximum key size at least 512.
Point the routine search path (gtmroutines) at an empty directory
to hold the VistA routines.
(1) Use Scripts/ to pack all routines into routine transfer format:
$ git ls-files -- "*.m" | python Scripts/ >
(2) Construct a file listing all global .zwr files:
$ git ls-files -- "*.zwr" > globals.lst
(3) Use the M standard ^%RI routine to import routines:
> D ^%RI
Device: c:\path\to\VistA-FOIA\
(4) Use the OSEHRA ^ZGI routine to import globals. The $$LIST^ZGI function
will read the list of files constructed above and append their names to
the path specified in the second argument (note the trailing slash):
> W $$LIST^ZGI("c:\path\to\VistA-FOIA\globals.lst","c:\path\to\VistA-FOIA\")
(5) Initialize VistA for this environment:
After the above steps the M database will contain VistA FOIA.
Proceed with normal VistA setup and configuration steps.
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