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updated: 2015-03-08T20:57:14+0100
author: zrajm
year: 1998-2015
lang: en
style: banner dict
<p class=center><big><b><i>-- Your guide to the Klingon language.</i></b></big></p>
<p class=center>[
<a href="#eng">English Projects</a> |
<a href="#sve">Svenska projekt</a> ]</p>
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<dl class=navigation>
<dt><a href="dict/">Klingon Pocket Dictionary</a> (online version)
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A Klingon dictionary which includes a guide to the suffixes (with
translations and examples), quick reference tables for {pIqaD} and all the
affixes, notes on pronunciation and stress,
etc. <small class=nobr>[Updated <time>2012-11-10</time>]</small>
<dt><a href="canon/">Archive of Okrandian Canon</a>
(and <a href="download.html">Klingon Transcript Download</a>)
<dd>There is now a search engine (BETA) for finding your way through the
archive. This is an attempt at creating an archive of all existing
Okrandian canon. (A copy of Marc Okrand's <i>The Klingon Dictionary</i> is
required to access transcriptions from the books and
tapes.) <small class=nobr>[Updated <time>2007-08-17</time>]</small>
<dt><a href="glossary/">Klingon Glossary Extractor &amp; Flashcards</a>
<dd>Analyze any Klingon text and teach yourself the words it contains using
flashcards! (The glossary extractor keeps track of what you've learned, and
only teach you the new
words.) <small class=nobr>[Updated <time>2012-12-22</time>]</small>
<dt><a href="errors.html">Errors in Okrandian Sources</a>
<dd>What errors are there in the <i>The Klingon Dictionary</i>? In the rest
of the books? On the audio cassettes? And in the dialogue of the movies?
When in doubt, check this list of known
errors. <small class=nobr>[Updated <time>2007-07-15</time>]</small>
<dt><a href="qq/">{Qo'noS QonoS} -- <<The Kronos Journal>></a>
<dd>KLI's online journal in Klingon. This is taken directly from the web page
of <i>The Klingon Language Institute</i> and only slightly modified for
better looking printouts. (With links back to the original page, of
course.) <small class=nobr>[Updated <time>2007-07-15</time>]</small>
<dt><a href="songs/">Songs in Klingon</a>
<dd>These are the lyrics for a few songs that I've heard (most of them at the
{qep'a' SochDIch}). Hopefully I will be able to add musical notes and/or
recordings of these songs to this section sometime
soon. <small class=nobr>[Updated <time>2007-07-15</time>]</small>
<dt><a href="piqad/">{pIqaD}, And How to Read It</a>
(and <a href="writing/play/">The {pIqaD} Playground</a>)
<dd>Some stuff for the youthful mind, a writer's playground -- type in any
Klingon text to see it in {pIqaD}. An article about the Klingon alphabet
and numbers, with pronounciation and orthography. (Punctuation and
handwriting is not yet
covered.) <small class=nobr>[Updated <time>2007-08-17</time>]</small>
<dt><a href="writing/examples/">Some Pictures of {pIqaD}</a>
<dd>Pictures of interest. Paramount's version of {pIqaD}, a {pIqaD}
typography example and a few examples of {pIqaD}
handwriting. <small class=nobr>[Updated <time>2007-07-15</time>]</small>
<dt><a href="punct.html">Punctuating Klingon</a>
<dd>An attempt at analysing the use of punctuation marks in Okrandian
Klingon, and a description of punctuation for
{pIqaD}. <small class=nobr>[Updated <time>2012-07-02</time>]</small>
<dt>Quick References
<dd>These guides can to help you through some different aspects of the
Klingon language. Each one gives some short, but useful information about a
specific topic. <small class=nobr>[Updated <time>2007-07-15</time>]</small>
<table class=noborder><tr>
<td><dl class=navigation>
<dt><a href="ref/ovs.html">Subjects and Objects</a>
<dt><a href="ref/loc.html">Locations</a>
<td><dl class=navigation>
<dt><a href="ref/num.html">Numbers</a>
<dt><a href="ref/time.html">Time Expressions</a>
<td><dl class=navigation>
<dt><a href="ref/adv.html">Adverbials</a>
<dt><a href="ref/color.html">Colors</a>
<dt><a href="tkw.html"><i>The Klingon Way</i> in {pIqaD}</a>
<dd>The sayings from the TKW here presented in {pIqaD} with translations and
page references to the original book (warning: ~280Kb
file). <small class=nobr>[Updated <time>2007-07-15</time>]</small>
<table id=sve class=banner>
<td class="left edge">
<td><img src="/pic/flag-swe.gif" width=35 height=21 alt="Svenska">
<td>Om du gillar den här sidan, glöm inte att länka hit!
<td class="right edge">
<dl class=navigation>
<dt><a href="akademien/">Om <i>Klingonska Akademien</i></a>
<dd>Här hittar du samt beskrivningar av aktiviteter vi deltagit i och ordnat,
lite propaganda och en historia (i bilder) om vår
logo. <small class=nobr>[Uppdaterad <time>2007-07-15</time>]</small>
<dt><a href="lista.html">Klingonska Akademiens epostlista</a>
<dd>Här får du reda på hur du går med på Klingonska Akademiens epostlista,
men du får också reda på de riktlinjer som gäller för listan, och lite
annan matnyttig
information. <small class=nobr>[Uppdaterad <time>2007-08-04</time>]</small>
<dt><a href="uttal.html">En svensk guide till det klingonska uttalet</a>
<dd>En uttalsanvisning, avsedd för den svensktalande. Jag har utgått ifrån
TKDs uttalsbeskrivning och försvenskat den en aning. Dessvärre har jag inte
kommit så långt, men lite hjälp med {tlh} finns
iaf. <tt>=|:-)</tt> <small class=nobr>[Uppdaterad <time>2007-08-17</time>]</small>
<dt><a href="lektioner/">Lektionsmaterial till studiecirkeln</a>
<dd>Här finns det lektionsmaterial som vi använder oss av under
studiecirkeln. <small class=nobr>[Uppdaterad <time>2007-07-15</time>]</small>
<dt><a href="klo/">Projekt “Klingonsk ordbok” (KLO)</a>
<dd>Målet är en högkvalitativ svensk översättning av <i>The Klingon
Dictionary</i> (TKD) med bl.a. svenska uttalsexempel och innehållande det
material som tillkommit efter TKDs utgivande. Här finns också några tillägg
bl.a. i form av en annorlunda affixguide för att hjälpa dig på vägen.
<small class=nobr>[Uppdaterad <time>2007-07-15</time>]</small>
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