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@problame problame released this Mar 22, 2019 · 301 commits to master since this release

This is a pre-release, handle with care!

This release contains breaking changes to both configuration and RPC protocol.
See for details.

Binaries were produced with the following docker container:

v0.1.0-rc4: digest: sha256:a522e5e0b2a0b9c8e605cc45e8d1ff27f660f6139fbc937c2b8e5e0072af76a7 size: 4103

Changes since 0.1.0-rc3

  • The RPC protocol now uses gRPC for control RPCs and a custom protocol for data transfer
    • The new implementation fixes the timeout problems we had with go-streamrpc
  • The ssh transport now supports timeouts \o/
    • We now require Go 1.11 or later
  • The replication driver has been re-written to be more maintainable and handle the gRPC errors
    • Status reporting changed a little
    • Automatic retries on temporary network errors work for replication
    • Automatic retries do not work for pruners (will not be in 0.1)
  • The placeholder property now is a simple on|off property
    • There is a migration subcommand, see changelog, please report any problems or unclear documentation!
    • Thanks @JMoVS and @jbliesener for the discussion!
  • The watchdog is gone, wasn't precise anyway and the new RPC timeout detection works quite reliably
  • Snapshot & Pruning-only job type #101 (thanks @InsanePrawn )
  • Configurable syslog facility (thanks @Ximalas )
  • Systemd service defintion
  • Grafana dashboard
  • Bugfixes
    • tls transport now supports intermediate CAs ( thanks @joshsouza )
    • snapshotter hang-ups #152
    • spaces in dataset names #131
    • serialization of placeholder filesystem creation allows concurrent pushes to a single sink #153
    • receive-side pruner now only prunes filesystems also present on the source-side
  • Documentation of precautions for setups with > 2 jobs
    Special thanks go to @JMoVS for many detailed bug reports!
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