A thin CGColor wrapper. Simplifies CGColorRef memory management under ARC.
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TBColor is an ARC-compatible CGColor/CGColorRef wrapper class. It holds a CGColorRef and releases it when deallocated, that's it.

iOS developers have UIColor which does the same thing. TBColor is supposed to partially substitute UIColor on OS X (until Apple provides something better).

There are some convenience constructors, see below.

Color Space

TBColor uses ColorSync Generic RGB color space (well, actually, Quartz does). See this StackOverflow question (and answer) for advice on how to synchronize colors in Photoshop and your application.

Life Span

Underlying CGColorRef lives for as long as it's owning TBColor instance. Doing this would be a bad idea:

    CGColorRef makeMeAColor() {
        TBColor *willProbablyDieSoon = [TBColor fromRGB24:0x336699].CGColor;
        return willProbablyDieSoon.CGColor; // WRONG!

If you absolutely must pass colors around, pass a TBColor instance instead:

    TBColor *makeMeAColor() {
        return [TBColor fromRGB24:0x336699]; // Okay.

    // ...

    CALayer *coloredLayer = [CALayer layer];
    coloredLayer.backgroundColor = makeMeAColor().CGColor;


TBColor's CGColor is a read-only property. It contains CGColorRef for the color.

In a similar way CGColorSpace represents receiver's color space.


Generic RGB from CGFloats:

    TBColor *theColor = [TBColor R:0.3f G:0.5f B:.12f];
    CGContextSetFillColorWithColor(ctx, theColor.CGColor);


    CGContextSetFillColorWithColor(ctx, [TBColor R:0.3 G:0.5 B:.12].CGColor);

Generic gray:

    TBColor *theColor = [TBColor gray:0.35];

RGB and gray with alpha:

    TBColor *semiYellow = [TBColor R:1.0 G:0.8 B:0.0 A:0.45];
    TBColor *semiGray = [TBColor gray:0.8 alpha:0.4];

24-bit RGB:

    TBColor *twitterColor = [TBColor fromRGB24:0x9AE4E8]; // http://www.colourlovers.com/color/9AE4E8/twitter

32-bit ARGB:

    TBColor *semiTransparentPurple = [TBColor fromARGB32:0x7FEE00FF];

Pattern image:

    self.layer.backgroundColor = [TBColor withPattern:[NSImage imageNamed:@"NSLinenBackgroundPattern"]].CGColor;

Predefined colors:

    textLayer.backgroundColor = [TBColor white].CGColor;
    consoleLayer.backgroundColor = [TBColor black].CGColor;
    redLayer.backgroundColor = [TBColor red].CGColor;
    greenLayer.backgroundColor = [TBColor green].CGColor;
    blueLayer.backgroundColor = [TBColor blue].CGColor;


Do what the fuck you want to.