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ICON SDK for .Net (Unofficial)
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ICON SDK for .Net

ICON SDK for .Net supports to communicate ICON network. It will help you integrate your application in .Net with ICON network. It follows ICON JSON-RPC API v3.

Quick start

using IconSDK.Account;

// Create new wallet.
// It will have random private key if you do not privide.
var wallet = Wallet.Create();

// Get your balance.
// It will retrieve the value from Testnet if you do not specify network.
var balance = await wallet.GetBalance();

// Transfer ICX
// It will transfer the value in Testnet if you do not specify network.
Address to = "hx0000000000000000000000000000000000000000";
BigInteger amount = 10 * Consts.Loop2ICX;
BigInteger stepLimit = 1 * Consts.Loop2ICX;
await wallet.Transfer(to, amount, stepLimit);

// Specify network.
wallet.ApiUrl = Consts.ApiUrl.MainNet;

// Store your key with password.
wallet.Store("yourPassword", "yourKeystorePath");

// Load your wallet from keystore.
wallet = Wallet.Load("yourPassword", "yourKeystorePath");



Referencing this project as a library.

$ git clone
$ mkdir myproject
$ cd myproject
$ dotnet new console
$ dotnet add reference ../IconSDK.Net/IconSDK/IconSDK.csproj

Getting DLL files

$ git clone
$ cd IconSDK.Net
$ dotnet restore
$ dotnet test IconSDK.Tests
$ dotnet publish --configuration Release


There are two methods to do it.

using IconSDK.RPCs;

// First
var getBalance = GetBalance.Create(Consts.ApiUrl.TestNet);
var balance = await getBalance("hx0000000000000000000000000000000000000000");
using IconSDK.RPCs;

// Second
var getBalance = new GetBalance(Consts.Api.TestNet);
var balance = await getBalance.Invoke("hx0000000000000000000000000000000000000000");


  • icx_getLastBlock
  • icx_getBlockByHeight
  • icx_getBlockByHash
  • icx_call
  • icx_getBalance
  • icx_getScoreApi
  • icx_getTotalSupply
  • icx_getTransactionResult
  • icx_getTransactionByHash
  • icx_sendTransaction
using IconSDK.RPCs;

// GetLastBlock
var getLastBlock = GetLastBlock.Create(Consts.ApiUrl.TestNet);
var block = await getLastBlock();

// GetTotalSupply
var getTotalSupply = new GetTotalSupply(Consts.ApiUrl.TestNet);
var totalSupply = await getTotalSupply.Invoke();

// SendTransaction
var txBuilder = new TransferTransactionBuilder();
txBuilder.PrivateKey = PrivateKey.Random();  // Your private key
txBuilder.To = "hx0000000000000000000000000000000000000000";
txBuilder.Value = 10 * Consts.Loop2ICX;
txBuilder.StepLimit = 1 * Consts.Loop2ICX;;
txBuilder.NID = 2;
var tx = txBuilder.Build();
var sendTransaction = new SendTransaction(Consts.ApiUrl.TestNet);

// It will raise an exception if your address does not have ICX enough.
var txHash = await sendTransaction.Invoke(tx);

// GetScoreApi
var getScoreApi = new GetScoreApi(Consts.ApiUrl.TestNet);
var scoreApi = await getScoreApi.Invoke("cx0000000000000000000000000000000000000001");

Console.WriteLine(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(scoreApi, Formatting.Indented));

var privateKey = PrivateKey.Random();
var address = Addresser.Create(privateKey);

// Call
var call = new Call(Consts.ApiUrl.TestNet);
var result = await call.Invoke(
    ("address", address)

// 0x0

var call0 = new Call<bool>(Consts.ApiUrl.TestNet);
var result0 = await call0.Invoke(
    ("address", address)

// false

var call1 = new Call<BigInteger>(Consts.ApiUrl.TestNet);
var result1 = await call1.Invoke(


var call2 = new Call<Dictionary<string, BigInteger>>(Consts.ApiUrl.TestNet);
var result2 = await call2.Invoke(




  • Unity Asset store
  • Sync RPC
  • Query v2 tx
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