Ruby script to migrate from Day One to WordPress.
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Day One to WordPress

Ruby script to migrate your Day One JSON archive into WordPress:

  • imports your Day One entries as private posts
  • uploads your photos and inserts them into your entries
  • add custom fields for location data (you can use these fields in your template to show the location of a post)


  1. Export your Day One archive in JSON format
  2. Install rubypress via sudo gem install rubypress
  3. Install mime-types via sudo gem install mime-types
  4. Unzip your Day One archive and config the path to it (line 7)
  5. Set your Day One journal JSON file you want to import from (line 8)
  6. Add credentials for your WordPress blog (line 9)
  7. Run the script via ruby path/to/import.rb, it should output parsed data for each entry as it does the import