PHPStorm light theme for tritanomaly / tritanopia color blind users
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PhpStorm Theme: Netbeans Default Light

This is a port of the default light theme for Netbeans.

This is the easiest light theme to use for Tritanomaly color blind users (or at least, it is for me).

Alt text

Do You Have Tritanomaly?

Try this:

If you notice slight difference between "Normal" and "Tritanomaly", you have the very rare form of color blindness. For the most part you should only have a lack of sensitivity to blue light. It's very possible you haven't even noticed!

PhpStorm Theme Installation

Check this guide for cross-platform instructions:

In short, put the .icls file in your PhpStorm config/colors directory. Then restart the IDE and select the new theme in your settings.


Settings are ported as I see differences while working with different pieces of code. There are likely many file types I've missed - feel free to submit a pull request with your changes.


This is licensed as public domain. Do anything except hold me accountable.