A utility class for managing output to the Mac system log from your Sketch plugin.
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Sketch Plugin Log

A utility class for managing output to the Mac system log from your Sketch plugin.


Install it with npm, somewhere within your Sketch plugin folder.

npm install sketch-plugin-log


Import it into your Sketch plugin. Note the import path is relative to the running script!

@import '../node_modules/sketch-plugin-log/index.js';

function onRun(context) {
    // Instantiate
    var logger = new SketchPluginLog();
     *  Set the Sketch context - required.
     *  Set the log prefix - optional.
      // Use it. See result in the Console app
      logger.log('Hello there!');
      // Dump a CocoaScript object. See result in the Console app.
      var myCocoaScriptObject = WebView.new();
      // Dump an object to a debug file.
      // Great for when Console app doesn't show all information.
      // Set the debug file path with `setDebugLogPath` or defaults to {Your plugin root}/Sketch/debug/debug.log

Viewing Logs

See the tutorial below for becoming familiar with the Console app:


Consider saving a custom search for "Message:MyPluginName". The "MyPluginName" is the log prefix set in the example. Filtering based on this identifier leaves you with a clean look at all system logs, which only pertain to your plugin.

Roadmap / About

This library is a utility part of an upcoming book. Follow this repo for more information on release.

Additional features will be added for debugging in Sketch:

  1. More intuitive display of CocoaScript objects with debugObject.