Rained In, an SGD Game Jam game
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You were hoping to hang out with your friends today, but it's raining! You'll have to stay indoors and keep yourself entertained.

Rained In

A fun-loving adventure game filled with object-collection, inventory management, and tons of minigames! Explore the house to collect items significant to Jimbo, his parents, and his big ol' pupper, Winston! Find the places where items belong to unlock entertaining minigames like Asteriods, Brick-Bracker, Duck Hunt, Hack n' Slash, The Ground Is Lava, Rubber Racer, Winston Goes Clubbing, Rained-In Tower Defence, Riddler, Tick-Tack-Toe, and the Amazing Maze!

This game was made in 48 hours as a part of the 1st Annual University of Virginia Game Jam, hosted by UVA's own Student Game Developers.


Zachary Danz: zsd4yr

Jackson Ekis: ferociouself

David Hall: dah6ce

Clayton Smith: clayton97

Julian McClinton: jaykem

Lillian Herrell: lrh2qa

Jimmy Patterson: jpat64

Jack Herd: soupdoop

William Wong: artixbot

Katherine Xie: kxie8

Brian Burke: excaliburke

Sanjana "Bobet Bob": sm7gc

Ryan McCampbell: rmccampbell