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#compdef play
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Description
# -----------
# Completion script for Play! framework 1.2.2 (
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Authors
# -------
# * Julien Nicoulaud <>
# * Mario Fernandez (
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
_play() {
local context curcontext="$curcontext" state line
typeset -A opt_args
local ret=1
_arguments -C \
'1: :_play_cmds' \
'*::arg:->args' \
&& ret=0
case $state in
case $line[1] in
_message 'no more arguments' && ret=0
_arguments \
'1:: :_play_apps' \
'(--debug)--debug[Debug mode (even more informations logged than in verbose mode)]' \
'(--jpda)--jpda[Listen for JPDA connection. The process will suspended until a client is plugged to the JPDA port.]' \
'(--sync)--sync[Keep lib/ and modules/ directory synced. Delete unknown dependencies.]' \
'(--verbose)--verbose[Verbose Mode]' \
&& ret=0
_arguments '1:: :_play_apps' && ret=0
_arguments '1: :_play_cmds -F "(cp deps ec idea jd st lm nb nm help antify evolutions evolutions:apply evolutions:markApplied evolutions:resolve)"' && ret=0
_arguments \
'1:: :_play_apps' \
'(--url)--url[If you want to monitor an application running on a remote server, specify the application URL using this option]:URL:_urls' \
'(--secret)--secret[You can provide your own secret key using this option]:Secret key' \
&& ret=0
_arguments \
'1: :_play_apps' \
'(--with)--with[Automatically enable this set of module for the newly created application]:Modules list:_play_modules_list' \
&& ret=0
_arguments '1:Play! module:_play_modules_dash_versions' && ret=0
_arguments '1:Module directory:_files -/' && ret=0
local cmd_args; cmd_args=(
'1:: :_play_apps'
'(--deps)--deps[Resolve and install dependencies before running the command]'
case $line[1] in
local app_dir="$line[2]"
[[ -d "$app_dir" ]] || app_dir=.
[[ -f "$app_dir/conf/application.conf" ]] && cmd_args+=('--'${(u)${(M)$(<$app_dir/conf/application.conf):#%*}%%.*}'[Use this ID to run the application (override the default framework ID)]')
cmd_args+=('(-f)-f[Disable the JPDA port checking and force the jpda.port value]')
'(-o --output)'{-o,--output}'[The path where the WAR directory will be created. The contents of this directory will first be deleted]:output directory:_files -/'
'(--zip)--zip[By default, the script creates an exploded WAR. If you want a zipped archive, specify the --zip option]'
'(--exclude)--exclude[Excludes a list of colon separated directories]:excluded directories list:_play_colon_dirs_list'
cmd_args+=('*:Java option')
_arguments "$cmd_args[@]" && ret=0
_call_function ret _play_cmd_$words[1] && ret=0
(( ret )) && _message 'no more arguments'
# FIXME Completes only core commands, some modules add commands too (eg Maven). Where do we get them ?
# FIXME Parse 'play help' and 'play help <command>' (for aliases) instead of hard-coding.
(( $+functions[_play_cmds] )) ||
_play_cmds() {
local commands; commands=(
'antify:Create a build.xml file for this project'
'auto-test:Automatically run all application tests'
'build-module:Build and package a module'
'check:Check for a release newer than the current one'
{classpath,cp}':Display the computed classpath'
'clean:Delete temporary files (including the bytecode cache)'
{dependencies,deps}':Resolve and retrieve project dependencies'
{eclipsify,ec}':Create all Eclipse configuration files'
'evolutions:Run the evolution check'
'evolutions\:apply:Automatically apply pending evolutions'
'evolutions\:mark:AppliedMark pending evolutions as manually applied'
'evolutions\:resolve:Resolve partially applied evolution'
'help:Display help on a specific command'
'id:Define the framework ID'
{idealize,idea}':Create all IntelliJ Idea configuration files'
'install:Install a module'
{javadoc,jd}':Generate your application Javadoc'
{list-modules,lm}':List modules available from the central modules repository'
'modules:Display the computed modules list'
{netbeansify,nb}':Create all NetBeans configuration files'
'new:Create a new application'
{new-module,nm}':Create a module'
'out:Follow logs/system.out file'
'pid:Show the PID of the running application'
'precompile:Precompile all Java sources and templates to speed up application start-up'
'restart:Restart the running application'
'run:Run the application in the current shell'
'secret:Generate a new secret key'
'start:Start the application in the background'
{status,st}':Display the running application status'
'stop:Stop the running application'
'test:Run the application in test mode in the current shell'
'war:Export the application as a standalone WAR archive'
_describe -t commands 'Play! command' commands "$@"
(( $+functions[_play_apps] )) ||
_play_apps() {
_wanted application expl 'Play! application directory' _files -/
(( $+functions[_play_modules] )) ||
_play_modules() {
local modules; modules=(${(ps:,:)${${${(S)${(f)$(_call_program modules $service list-modules)}//\]*\[/,}%%\]*}##*\[}})
_describe -t modules 'Play! module' modules "$@"
(( $+functions[_play_modules_dash_versions] )) ||
_play_modules_dash_versions() {
local ret=1
if compset -P '*-'; then
local versions; versions=(${(ps:,:)${${${${${(f)$(_call_program versions $service list-modules)}##*${IPREFIX%-}\]}#*Versions:}%%"~"*}//[[:space:]]/}})
_describe -t module-versions "${IPREFIX%-} module versions" versions && ret=0
_wanted modules expl 'Play! module' _play_modules -qS- && ret=0
(( $+functions[_play_modules_list] )) ||
_play_modules_list() {
compset -P '*,'; compset -S ',*'
_wanted module-list expl 'Play! modules list' _play_modules -qS,
(( $+functions[_play_colon_dirs_list] )) ||
_play_colon_dirs_list() {
compset -P '*:'; compset -S ':*'
_wanted directories-list expl 'Directories list' _files -/ -qS:
_play "$@"
# Local Variables:
# mode: Shell-Script
# sh-indentation: 2
# indent-tabs-mode: nil
# sh-basic-offset: 2
# End:
# vim: ft=zsh sw=2 ts=2 et