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Update _scala for Scala version 2.10.0

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1 parent 8b651e5 commit 09fa1239d83ad6e814fe80860d6871e65aa26515 @inkytonik inkytonik committed Feb 10, 2013
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  1. +49 −12 src/_scala
@@ -41,12 +41,17 @@
typeset -A opt_args
local context state line
+_scala_features () {
+ compadd "postfixOps" "reflectiveCalls" "implicitConversions" "higherKinds" \
+ "existentials" "experimental.macros" "_"
_scala_phases () {
- compadd "parser" "namer" "packageobjects" "typer" "superaccessors" \
- "pickler" "refchecks" "selectiveanf" "liftcode" "selectivecps" "uncurry" \
- "tailcalls" "specialize" "explicitouter" "erasure" "lazyvals" "lambdalift" \
- "constructors" "flatten" "mixin" "cleanup" "icode" "inliner" "closelim" \
- "dce" "jvm" "terminal"
+ compadd "parser" "namer" "packageobjects" "typer" "patmat" "superaccessors" \
+ "extmethods" "pickler" "refchecks" "selectiveanf" "selectivecps" "uncurry" \
+ "tailcalls" "specialize" "explicitouter" "erasure" "posterasure" "lazyvals" \
+ "lambdalift" "constructors" "flatten" "mixin" "cleanup" "icode" "inliner" \
+ "inlineExceptionHandlers" "closelim" "dce" "jvm" "terminal"
local -a shared_opts
@@ -65,11 +70,12 @@ shared_opts=(
"-J-[pass argument directly to Java runtime system]:JVM argument:"
"-javabootclasspath+[Override java boot classpath]:Java boot class path directory]:_files -/"
"-javaextdirs+[Override java extdirs classpath]:Java extdirs directory:_files -/"
+ "-language\:-[Enable one or more language features]:feature:_scala_features"
"-no-specialization[Ignore @specialize annotations]"
"-nobootcp[Do not use the boot classpath for the scala jars]"
"-nowarn[Generate no warnings]"
"-optimise[Generate faster bytecode by applying optimisations to the program]"
- "-P\:-[Pass an option to a plugin (written <plugin>:<opt>)]"
+ "-P\:-[Pass an option to a plugin (written plugin\:opt)]:plugin option:"
"-print[Print program with Scala-specific features removed]"
"-sourcepath+[Specify location(s) of source files]:source file directory:_files -/"
"-target\:-[Target platform for object files (default\: jvm-1.5)]:platform name:(jvm-1.5 msil)"
@@ -91,17 +97,26 @@ X_opts=(
"-Xelide-below+[Calls to @elidable methods are omitted if method priority is lower than integer argument]"
"-Xexperimental[Enable experimental extensions]"
"-Xfatal-warnings[Fail the compilation if there are any warnings]"
+ "-Xfull-lubs[Retains pre 2.10 behavior of less aggressive truncation of least upper bounds]"
"-Xfuture[Turn on future language features]"
"-Xgenerate-phase-graph+[Generate the phase graphs (outputs .dot files) to]:output file:_files"
"-Xlint[Enable recommended additional warnings]"
+ "-Xlog-free-terms[Print a message when reification creates a free term]"
+ "-Xlog-free-types[Print a message when reification resorts to generating a free type]"
"-Xlog-implicits[Show more detail on why some implicits are not applicable]"
+ "-Xlog-implicit-conversions[Print a message whenever an implicit conversion is inserted]"
+ "-Xlog-reflective-calls[Print a message when a reflective method call is generated]"
+ "-Xmacro-settings\:-[Custom settings for macros]:option"
+ "-Xmain-class+[Class for manifest's Main-Class entry (only useful with -d jar)]:path:"
"-Xmax-classfile-name+[Maximum filename length for generated classes]"
"-Xmigration[Warn about constructs whose behavior may have changed]"
"-Xno-forwarders[Do not generate static forwarders in mirror classes]"
+ "-Xno-patmat-analysis[Don't perform exhaustivity/unreachability analysis. Also, ignore @switch annotation]"
"-Xno-uescape[Disable handling of \u unicode escapes]"
"-Xnojline[Do not use JLine for editing]"
+ "-Xoldpatmat[Use the pre-2.10 pattern matcher. Otherwise, the 'virtualizing' pattern matcher is used in 2.10]"
"-Xprint\:-[Print out program after <phase>]:phase name:_scala_phases"
- "-Xprint-icode[Log internal icode to *.icode files]"
+ "-Xprint-icode\:-[Log internal icode to *.icode files after phase (default\: icode)]:phase name:_scala_phases"
"-Xprint-pos[Print tree positions, as offsets]"
"-Xprint-types[Print tree types (debugging option)]"
"-Xprompt[Display a prompt after each error (debugging option)]"
@@ -116,7 +131,7 @@ X_opts=(
"-Xassem-extdirs+[List of directories containing assemblies (requires -target:msil) (default\: lib)]:assembly directory:_files -/"
"-Xassem-name+[Name of the output assembly (requires -target:msil)]:assembly name:_files"
"-Xassem-path+[List of assemblies referenced by the program (requires -target:msil)]:assembly path:_files"
- "-Xsourcedir+[Mirror source folder structure in output directory (requires -target:msil)]:source directory:_files -/".
+ "-Xsourcedir+[Mirror source folder structure in output directory (requires -target:msil)]:source directory:_files -/"
"-Xplugin\:-[Load one or more plugins from file]:plugin file:_files"
"-Xpluginsdir+[Path to search compiler plugins]:plugin directory:_files -/"
@@ -134,33 +149,48 @@ Y_opts=(
"-Ycompact-trees[Use compact tree printer when displaying trees]"
"-Ydead-code[Perform dead code elimination]"
"-Ydependent-method-types[Allow dependent method types]"
+ "-Ydump-classes+[Dump the generated bytecode to .class files (useful for reflective compilation that utilizes in-memory classloaders)]:output directory:_files -/"
+ "-Yeta-expand-keeps-star[Eta-expand varargs methods to T* rather than Seq[T]. This is a temporary option to ease transition.]"
"-Ygen-javap+[Generate a parallel output directory of .javap files]:output directory:_files -/"
"-Yinfer-argument-types[Infer types for arguments of overriden methods]"
"-Yinline[Perform inlining when possible]"
+ "-Yinline-handlers[Perform exception handler inlining when possible]"
+ "-Yinline-warnings[Emit inlining warnings (normally surpressed due to high volume)]"
+ "-Yinvalidate+[Invalidate classpath entry before run]:classpath entry"
"-Ylinearizer\:-[Linearizer to use (default\: rpo)]:linearizer:(normal dfs rpo dump)"
"-Ylog-classpath[Output information about what classpath is being applied]"
+ "-Yno-adapted-args[Do not adapt an argument list (either by inserting unit or creating a tuple) to match the receiver]"
+ "-Ymacro-debug-lite[Trace essential macro-related activities]"
+ "-Ymacro-debug-verbose[Trace all macro-related activities: compilation, generation of synthetics, classloading, expansion, exceptions]"
"-Yno-completion[Disable tab-completion in the REPL]"
"-Yno-generic-signatures[Suppress generation of generic signatures for Java]"
"-Yno-imports[Compile without any implicit imports]"
+ "-Yno-predef[Compile without importing Predef]"
"-Yno-self-type-checks[Suppress check for self-type conformance among inherited members]"
"-Yno-squeeze[Disable creation of compact code in matching]"
"-Ynotnull[Enable (experimental and incomplete) scala.NotNull]"
+ "-Yoverride-objects[Allow member objects to be overridden]"
+ "-Yoverride-vars[Allow vars to be overridden]"
"-Ypmat-naive[Desugar matches as naively as possible]"
"-Ypresentation-delay+[Wait number of ms after typing before starting typechecking]"
"-Ypresentation-log+[Log presentation compiler events into file]:log file:_files"
"-Ypresentation-replay+[Replay presentation compiler events from file]:log file:_files"
+ "-Ypresentation-strict[Do not report type errors in sources with syntax errors]"
+ "-Ypresentation-verbose[Print information about presentation compiler tasks]"
"-Yprofile-class+[Specify name of profiler class]:profiler class name"
"-Yprofile-memory[Heap snapshot after compiler run (requires jgpagent on JVM -agentpath)]"
"-Yrangepos[Use range positions for syntax trees]"
"-Yrecursion+[Set recursion depth used when locking symbols]"
+ "-Yreify-copypaste[Dump the reified trees in copypasteable representation]"
"-Yrepl-sync[Do not use asynchronous code for REPL startup]"
- "-Ypresentation-verbose[Print information about presentation compiler tasks]"
"-Yresolve-term-conflict\:-[Resolve term conflicts (default\: error)]:resolution strategy:(package object error)"
- "-Yrich-exceptions[Fancier exceptions. Set source search path with -Dscala.control.sourcepath]"
"-Yself-in-annots[Include a \"self\" identifier inside of annotations]"
"-Yshow\:-[Show after <phase> (requires -Xshow-class or -Xshow-object)]:phase name:_scala_phases"
"-Yshow-syms[Print the AST symbol hierarchy after each phase]"
- "-Yshow-trees[Print detailed ASTs (requires -Xprint:phase)]"
+ "-Yshow-symkinds[Print abbreviated symbol kinds next to symbol names]"
+ "-Yshow-trees[Print detailed ASTs (requires -Xprint\:phase)]"
+ "-Yshow-trees-compact[Print detailed ASTs in compact form (requires -Xprint\:)]"
+ "-Yshow-trees-stringified[Print stringifications along with detailed ASTs (requires -Xprint\:)]"
"-Ystatistics[Print compiler statistics]"
"-Ystruct-dispatch\:-[Structural method dispatch policy (default\: poly-cache)]:policy name:(no-cache mono-cache poly-cache invoke-dynamic)"
@@ -172,21 +202,28 @@ Y_opts=(
"-Ystop-after\:-[Stop after given phase <phase>]:phase name:_scala_phases"
"-Ystop-before\:-[Stop before given phase <phase>]:phase name:_scala_phases"
+ "-Ywarn-adapted-args[Warn if an argument list is modified to match the receiver]"
"-Ywarn-all[Enable all -Y warnings]"
"-Ywarn-dead-code[Warn when dead code is identified]"
"-Ywarn-inaccessible[Warn about inaccessible types in method signatures]"
"-Ywarn-nullary-override[Warn when non-nullary overrides nullary, e.g. def foo() over def foo]"
"-Ywarn-nullary-unit[Warn when nullary methods return Unit]"
"-Ywarn-numeric-widen[Warn when numerics are widened]"
"-Ywarn-value-discard[Warn when non-Unit expression results are unused]"
+ "-Ybuild-manager-debug[Generate debug information for the Refined Build Manager compiler]"
+ "-Ybuilder-debug\:-[Compile using the specified build manager (default\: none)]:manager:(none refined simple)"
"-Ycompletion-debug[Trace all tab completion activity]"
"-Ydebug[Increase the quantity of debugging output]"
"-Ydoc-debug[Trace all scaladoc activity]"
"-Yide-debug[Generate, validate and output trees using the interactive compiler]"
"-Yinfer-debug[Trace type inference and implicit search]"
+ "-Yissue-debug[Print stack traces when a context issues an error]"
+ "-Ypatmat-debug[Trace pattern matching translation]"
"-Ypmat-debug[Trace all pattern matcher activity]"
+ "-Ypos-debug[Trace position validation]"
"-Ypresentation-debug[Enable debugging output for the presentation compiler]"
+ "-Yreify-debug[Trace reification]"
"-Yrepl-debug[Trace all REPL activity]"
"-Ytyper-debug[Trace all type assignments]"

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