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Update brew completion to the latest version

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potix2 committed Sep 22, 2012
1 parent 1fe53ac commit 3bea535045e7eb71f463ef032e37ee4418189ed9
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@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@
# * Daniel Schauenberg (
# * Adam Vandenberg (
# * Erik Kastner (
+# * Katsunori Kanda (
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
@@ -31,28 +32,36 @@ _brew_installed_formulae() {
local -a _1st_arguments
+ 'audit:check formulae for Homebrew coding style violations'
'cat:display formula file for a formula'
'cleanup:uninstall unused and old versions of packages'
'create:create a new formula'
'deps:list dependencies and dependants of a formula'
'doctor:audits your installation for common issues'
+ 'diy:automatically determine the installation prefix for non-Homebrew software'
'edit:edit a formula'
+ 'fetch:download the source packages for the given formulae'
'home:visit the homepage of a formula or the brew project'
'info:information about a formula'
'install:install a formula'
'link:link a formula'
'list:list files in a formula or not-installed formulae'
'log:git commit log for a formula'
'missing:check all installed formulae for missing dependencies.'
+ 'options:display install options specific to formula'
'outdated:list formulae for which a newer version is available'
'prune:remove dead links'
'remove:remove a formula'
'search:search for a formula (/regex/ or string)'
'server:start a local web app that lets you browse formulae (requires Sinatra)'
+ 'tap:tap a new formula repository from GitHub, or list existing taps'
+ 'test:a few formulae provide a test method'
'unlink:unlink a formula'
+ 'untap:remove a tapped repository'
'update:freshen up links'
'upgrade:upgrade outdated formulae'
'uses:show formulae which depend on a formula'
+ 'versions:list previous versions of formulae'
local expl
@@ -92,7 +101,7 @@ case "$words[1]" in
_wanted formulae expl 'all formulae' compadd -a formulae ;;
- remove|rm|uninstall|unlink|cleanup|link|ln)
+ remove|rm|uninstall|unlink|cleanup|link|ln|test)
_wanted installed_formulae expl 'installed formulae' compadd -a installed_formulae ;;

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