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update leiningen completion for lein 2

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1 parent b70c7f9 commit af82b112404699001482135b158557d4d8f5660b @dakrone dakrone committed Oct 23, 2012
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@@ -15,25 +15,38 @@
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
local ret=1 state
_arguments ':subcommand:->subcommand' && ret=0
case $state in
- "clean:remove compiled files and dependencies from project"
- "compile:ahead-of-time compile the project"
- "deps:download and install all dependencies"
- "help:display a list of tasks or help for a given task"
- "install:install the project and its dependencies in your local repository"
- "jar:create a jar file containing the compiled .class files"
- "new:create a new project skeleton"
- "pom:write a pom.xml file to disk for maven interop"
- "test:run the project's tests"
- "uberjar:Create a jar including the contents of each of deps"
- "upgrade:upgrade leiningen to the latest stable release"
- "version:print leiningen's version"
+ "check:Check syntax and warn on reflection."
+ "classpath:Print the classpath of the current project."
+ "clean:Remove all files from project's target-path."
+ "compile:Compile Clojure source into .class files."
+ "deploy:Build and deploy jar to remote repository."
+ "deps:Download all dependencies."
+ "do:Higher-order task to perform other tasks in succession."
+ "help:Display a list of tasks or help for a given task."
+ "install:Install the current project to the local repository."
+ "jack-in:Jack in to a Clojure SLIME session from Emacs."
+ "jar:Package up all the project's files into a jar file."
+ "javac:Compile Java source files."
+ "new:Generate project scaffolding based on a template."
+ "pom:Write a pom.xml file to disk for Maven interoperability."
+ "pprint:Pretty-print a representation of the project map."
+ "repl:Start a repl session either with the current project or standalone."
+ "retest:Run only the test namespaces which failed last time around."
+ "run:Run a -main function with optional command-line arguments."
+ "search:Search remote maven repositories for matching jars."
+ "show-profiles:List all available profiles or display one if given an argument."
+ "test:Run the project's tests."
+ "trampoline:Run a task without nesting the project's JVM inside Leiningen's."
+ "uberjar:Package up the project files and dependencies into a jar file."
+ "upgrade:Upgrade Leiningen to specified version or latest stable."
+ "version:Print version for Leiningen and the current JVM."
+ "with-profile:Apply the given task with the profile(s) specified."
_describe -t subcommands 'leiningen subcommands' subcommands && ret=0

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