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danielshahaf *: Change highlighters' namespace.
Fixes #329.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'danielsh/i329-v1'

* danielsh/i329-v1:
  highlighters: Rename entry points.
  driver: Rename highlighter entry points
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cursor-highlighter.zsh *: Change highlighters' namespace. Aug 16, 2016

zsh-syntax-highlighting / highlighters / cursor

This is the cursor highlighter, that highlights the cursor.

How to tweak it

This highlighter defines the following styles:

  • cursor - the style for the current cursor position

To override one of those styles, change its entry in ZSH_HIGHLIGHT_STYLES, for example in ~/.zshrc:


The syntax for values is the same as the syntax of "types of highlighting" of the zsh builtin $zle_highlight array, which is documented in the zshzle(1) manual page.

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