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amd-cli is a set of command-line utilities for JavaScript projects which employ the Asynchronous Module Definition format. They can be used to diagnose problems (amd check, amd circulars) or to gain a deeper understanding of a project's structure (amd deps, amd graph).

Folks wanting programmatic access can use libamd, the base of this project.


$ [sudo] npm install -g amd-cli

Or install from source:

$ git clone
$ cd amd-cli
$ make
$ [sudo] make install

make follows the same steps used for packaging amd-cli for npm, which is to build documentation (markdown -> roff) and move it along with all other distributables to a new "dist/" directory. make install switches to "dist/" and runs npm install -g (which copies amd-cli to the npm prefix directory so that it's (probably) in your PATH).


amd <command>


  • amd check Run a linter-style check for broken dependencies

  • amd circulars Find and group circular dependencies

  • amd deps Print an AMD module's dependencies

  • amd graph Print a linearized dependency graph stemming from one or more modules

  • amd help Open the manpage for an amd command. This is a fallback in case of $MANPATH, manpath.config, or npm manpage install issues.

  • amd normalize Print the canonical AMD module name for a given relative AMD module name or file path

  • amd resolve Print the canonical file path for a given AMD module name

  • amd whatrequires Print all files which depend on a given AMD module

Much more detail can be found in the manpages.


man amd

Some versions of npm have a bug which causes manpages not to be linked properly. There are a few ways to handle this:

  • Upgrade npm
    1. [sudo] npm install -g npm
    2. Re-install amd-cli: [sudo] npm install -g amd-cli
  • Check that npm's prefix "share" directory is in your MANPATH
    1. Get the prefix under which npm installs global packages: npm prefix -g
    2. Mentally add "/share/man" to the end of this path i.e. echo $(npm prefix -g)/share/man
    3. echo $MANPATH - this should contain the path in #2 (npm prefix + "/share/man"). If not, move on to #4.
    4. Add it: MANPATH=$MANPATH:"$(npm prefix -g)/share/man"
    5. Try it out: man amd
    6. Make it permanent by copy/pasting the command in #4 to your ~/.bashrc, or just run: echo 'MANPATH=$MANPATH:"$(npm prefix -g)/share/man"' >> ~/.bashrc
  • Manually add just amd-cli's manpages to your MANPATH
    1. The manpages are in a directory called "man" adjacent to the installed amd script. Check that the directory is there: cd "$(dirname $(readlink -f $(which amd) ) )/../man"
    2. Then add it: MANPATH=$MANPATH:"$(dirname "$(readlink -f "$(which amd)" )" )/../man"
    3. Try it out: man amd
    4. Make it permanent by copy/pasting the command in #4 to your ~/.bashrc, or just run: echo 'MANPATH=$MANPATH:"$(dirname "$(readlink -f "$(which amd)" )" )/../man"' >> ~/.bashrc
  • Use the fallback amd help command
    • amd help, amd help deps, etc.


Released under the MIT License.