Imapbatch is a Bash script wrapper for imapsync that allows you to move more then one account from one IMAP Server to another IMAP Server
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 Shell script wrapper that is design to migrate
 multiple IMAP accounts from one IMAP server to another
 using the imapsync tool <>
 ./imapbatch server1.txt server2.txt

 server1.txt must have the login and passwords for the server we are
 moving users from.  Format must be "user[] password"

 server2.txt must be like server1.txt but for the IMAP server receiving 
 the E-Mail

 You must edit in this file SERVER1 and SERVER2 variables to the servers
 you are using.
 Check function imapcall and make sure settings you need for imapsync
 are correct and needed for your servers
 1. Setup config file to be read/find better way to get settings
 2. Make switch/if statements for different type of server setups
 3. Debate if Server names should be passed in at command line or called out in file
 4. Comment everything
 5. Become a better BASH coder
 Copyright (c) 2010 Zuhaib <>
 This script is licensed under GNU GPL version 2.0 or above