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Music Maven

An application for sharing song requests with your friends! One person is the DJ and other members of the party are the guests. The DJ can add/delete songs and refer to the list to play the songs that the guests want played. The guests can add songs and vote up/down on that they have added.

Powered by Ionic to provide cross-platform mobile application that feels natural on each user's device.

This is a project for COMP225: Software Development at Macalester College.

Old repository:



  • analog song input (song title, artist name)
  • animations when voting


  • make room with unique room code
  • delete song from all people
  • sorted song list by votes


  • enter room with the room code
  • vote on songs

Installation Guide

Installing on Ionic View

As this app is yet to be released, you'll need to run it on the Ionic View app. You can download Ionic View on your Android or Apple Phone by simply searching for it on the Google Play Store or App Store respectively. Once downloaded, just navigate to the center tab and enter our App ID "0b5aa138". Then the app should launch on its own! If you want to exit the app, you either press the home button or shake your phone and select "Exit" from the pop-up menu.

Installing Directly onto Android or Apple Device

Unfortunately our app isn't quite ready for this yet, but check back soon!


  • Negative song votes appear occasionally
  • Multiple kickout alerts prompted for Guest exits and re-enters the same room
  • Kickout alert prompted for Guest who exitted the room already
  • Guest does not get kicked out when adding a song at the same time as Host ending the party

For Developers

System Context Diagram

System Context Diagram

Container Diagram

Container Diagram