Translation 翻译

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简体中文 Engilsh


  • If you have programming capabilities
  1. Fork this item
  2. Modify lang/language.js
  3. Then Pull requests
  • If you don't have programming capabilities
  1. Go to the release page of this project, choose a language template that you are best at, and then download it.
    Note: Latest release
  2. Modify the contents between single quotation marks.
    ${0}% ${1}% are variables, please don't change them.
  3. Open a new issue and attach the content of the translated text, the language name and the country in which the language is used (one is enough).
  4. Don't forgot to choose a emoji icon for languages.
    A good icon can help people to find language in quickly.


  • 如果你具有开发能力
  1. Fork本项目
  2. 修改lang/language.js
  3. 然后Pull requests
  • 如果你没有开发能力
  1. 从本项目的发布页,选一个你擅长的语言模板,然后下载
  2. 修改单引号里面的内容。注意,${0}% ${1}%这些为变量
  3. 开启一个issue,请附上翻译的内容,语言,使用该语言的国家(一个即可)
  4. 为你翻译的语言选择一个emoji图标
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