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Commits on Nov 14, 2011
@Danesh Danesh Lockscreen : Show album art if unlock slider disabled
Added an extra check for visibility of album art.

Change-Id: I79e06bc441d67e8245c06ab799183457f3a1d86c
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Add the WBXML encoded version of email notification context ty…
…pe" into gingerbread
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Wifi Signal: fix JNI call, RSSI vs RSSI-APPROX" into gingerbread 02a39fc
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Bluetooth: Remove a debug Log.e()" into gingerbread beb2d0f
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Fix String16 operator+ to actually work" into gingerbread 2c781ad
@Danesh Danesh Lockscreen : nextAlarm layout fix
Depending on the length of the next alarm, if middle alignment is chosen,
the left sliders get misaligned.

Cm report :

This patchset also makes maxLength for alarm texts 2lines

Change-Id: I1595a298da9b8d2e7374e5d4f461fefbed7cbc69
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Update hungarian translation" into gingerbread 68396e7
Shalaj Jain MPEG4Writer: Update esds atom in mpeg4 header with actual bitrate
- Calculated the average bitrate and replaced the original hardcoded value
  in esds atom with this
- Stored the max bitrate into mMeta with the key kKeyBitRate
- Replaced the original max bitrate in the esds atom with the one from the
  key kKeyBitRate

CRs-Fixed: 304561
(cherry picked from commit 55800415e9192d9a761109d543e343206141b0d3)

Change-Id: Id3973cce02be764e2f7a01ceb018037e7745125a
Y Mehta libstagefright: Fix for specific clip not playing
-A specific clip has different values for sampling rate in ESDS atom
 and Program Config Element, a sub atom of ESDS.
-When those values are not same an error is returned and
 hence the clip is not played back.
-Fixed by considering the sample rate from ESDS as the correct one.

CRs-Fixed: 303101
(cherry picked from commit 8468c7cb49e3e02dde117e9051be7220a9a1db17)

Change-Id: Ia9966b1de7d89e789940fa093c247480eacbc37e
Amal Paul libstagefright: Fix to handle corrupted .m4a clips
- Some m4a clips with corrupted header causes native crash
  in mediaserver.
- This is due to a wrong sample size which had to read from the clip.
- Fixed this by checking for the sample size extracted from the clip
  against the mediabuffer size.

CRs-fixed: 298469
(cherry picked from commit fc3c44a20a78449a2746f30a10e60668954fbb79)

Change-Id: I17418307d3de98c123fef0366c76db6bee5526d0
Ravi Kumar Alamanda libstagefright: Correct seekFrame computation in AMRExtractor
- In the music app, enable 'repeat current song' option and start
  playback of any AMR-NB audio clip. Now select the progress bar,
  and keep seeking the progress bar and when it reaches the end
  of the file, sometimes it switches to next clip. The expected
  behavior is to repeat the same clip.
- When the seek time is equal to the duration of the clip, the
  seek frame computed is more than the total number of frames
  present in the clip and hence the AMRExtractor returns an
  error which results in skipping to next clip in the playlist.
- Modified the seek frame computation to handle this scenario to
  fix the issue.

Change-Id: Ic00520f5c69da6a90966813b9183275d14d560b0
Riaz Rahaman libstagefright:Fix thumbnail not generated for clips with last frame …
…as I frame

Read one less syncsample for thumbnail to avoid a sync sample that might be
the last sample.

Change-Id: I29d974e5d8536f160a0a6fce86e64186ac8ff6e3
CRs-fixed: 287004
@rdeva31 rdeva31 libstagefright: Fix crash when generating thumbnails for AVI & h264 c…

If parser fails to identify a sample to use for thumbnail generation and
the client doesn't want thumbnail from any specific timestamp (i.e.
passes in negative timestamp), an assertion in software decoder will
fail because the software decoder attempts to start decoding from a
negative timestamp.

So instead, we'll pick up the thumbnail from timestamp 0, which we
expect to be an i-frame.

CRs-Fixed: 284873
(cherry picked from commit 23d7b006f81ac2ffbc3866f0a730a6ce823763c6)

Change-Id: I626fc8e322ceb2b2d9e848ebc12423e6f739f635
Haynes Mathew George mediaserver: wait before instantiating services
- Check with service manager if it holds a reference to the
- If it does, repeat the same check after a second.
- Timeout after five such unsuccessful attempts.
- This "wait and proceed" is needed to ensure that services
  get registered with the service manager in the event mediaserver
  gets re-spawned after it got killed.

Change-Id: I65cf988959f57bc8bddec6322704b5f6307fc276
CRs-Fixed: 282339
@rdeva31 rdeva31 libstagefright: Fix for handling empty buffers from extractors
There is a possiblity that mSource->read will return a NULL buffer with
a invalid size.  As some implementations of memcpy don't handle NULL
buffers well, it's best to check for a NULL buffer and avoid the memcpy.

This fix also handles the case where the buffer happens to be NULL but
size happens to be wrongly set.

(cherry picked from commit b05336ce6a579a2a4912177b0606d25430382abf)

Change-Id: Ic48ba92c7bc73afefc3b63e5cf00cb96ee384175


@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "res: Add string reboot_download for SGS2" into gingerbread 5beca7f
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Add missing Simplified Chinese translations." into gingerbread f6f33d4
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "TextView: remove an invalid class from preloaded table" into g…
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "gsm/statusbar: Correct CarrierLabel display logic" into ginger…
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Monitor device storage directly in /data/data" into gingerbread efd067d
@ladios ladios gsm: Show localized SPN only when it matches system locale (1/2)
This adds child tag <spn locale="LOCALE">SPN</spn> to <spnOverride/> of
SPN overrides list (/system/etc/spn-conf.xml). LOCALE takes the format
of java.util.Locale (e.g.: en en_US). For example of the xml file, see
the new revision in part 2 -

SPN override used to be assigned only on SIM ready. Now it is updated on
every system locale change. It's applied when:

* There is a <spn> entry of the carrier whose locale= attribute matches
  the current system locale.

* No <spn> entry of the carrier that matches, but <spnOverride>'s spn=
  attribute (as the default SPN) is provided.

Otherwise, meaning no locale= matches and spn= is also omitted, the SPN
that read from SIM card would be applied.

Change-Id: Ib488219f8e8d8cd0962136d0a581c88ecb8458c4
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Remove redundant compositionComplete for every threadLoop iter…
…ation" into gingerbread
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "frameworks/base: Reset views to opaque when possible" into gin…
Sriranjan Srikantam libstagefright: Remove channel count check during AAC configuration
- AAC format configuration in stagefright has CHECK to verify if channel
count value is not equal to 1 or 2, in which case it would result in
mediaserver crash.

- It is observed that on parsing the codec specific information of ESDS
atom in few AAC clips, mpeg4 extractor gives channel count value as
zero and results in crash because of above check. Though we will be
able to detect the correct channel count later from the AAC bitstream.

- OMX component will be able to detect the correct channel count value
and can reconfigure the port settings if the channel count value is
wrongly set and this check is not required in OMX client code of
stagefright. Hence removing this check to avoid mediaserver crash and
allow playing these clips which generate wrong channel count value.

Change-Id: Idb28d3805746191e8556bfba217a87f530327aa8
CRs-Fixed: 271979
@tpruvot tpruvot libstagefright: OMAP_COMPAT flag to allow use of omap3 codec table
Require TARGET_USE_OMAP_COMPAT:=true or -DOMAP_COMPAT global cflag

Note: Defy, Droid 2, Droid X and Cliq 2 use these codecs
      and are not compatible with OMAP_ENHANCEMENT

Change-Id: I13a01acf600caf50d954f8c0f833a220d314bf56
@maniac103 maniac103 Fix a couple of nasty heap corruption bugs.
- When replacing the buffer pointer with another one, the allocated
  length wasn't updated. As the TI encoder relies of those being matched
up (it e.g. does a memset(pBuffer, 0, nAllocLen) at certain places), this
could lead to random memory being overwritten (or to a segfault when
reaching the end of the mapping)
- When replacing the buffer, the old buffer wasn't saved and restored
  before calling freeBuffer. This led to a different address passed to
free() than was returned by malloc(), could lead to all kinds of weird,
undefined behaviour.

Change-Id: I5e37c66d9c9405e209e5d8df3ea52d378cf44490
Kiran Kumar H N Camera: Initialize the camera shutter sounds asynchronously.
As part of the camera initialization, the shutter sounds(for both
snapshot and recording) are loaded. This takes around 70ms. Since
the launch is not dependent on this, the sounds can be loaded
asynchronously. Hence moving them to a seperate thread.

Change-Id: Id0309febf0742cadc3bcca71b0f19064547b6bda
Srinivasan Kannan platform/frameworks/base: Call stopRecording first then start beepSignal
- Prioritize stopRecording call to avoid recording stop beep from being
recorded onto file.

Change-Id: I8a36c8511b94a8de3d3ce4b67213d07154b9a88c
@cyanogen cyanogen Revert "mediaserver: wait before instantiating services"
This reverts commit 91101bd.
@maniac103 maniac103 Don't wait indefinitely for camera frames.
There are multiple reasons why camera frame delivery can stop, the most
obvious of which is a buggy camera HAL.
In order to not block indefinitely in case that happens, use a timeout
when waiting for frames and propagate error if timeout occurs.

Change-Id: I5e462b88300cce00cecdef0406064aab1b0b8780
@Spitemare Spitemare Refactor lockscreen status views
Maintain separate TextViews for the charging, alarm, and calendar status. Instead of
using complex logic to set and show/hide statuses, use simple visible/gone logic.
This also allows the next alarm and calendar event to be shown at the same time.

Change-Id: I3b4c05f80d18c7d012ab73e39857f42ca82a2e88
@Danesh Danesh Lockscreen : Middle ring fix
Due to simulataneous merges, the new checks were not put in place.
Hence unlocking with middle ring caused bootloops due to selectedringid being -1

Change-Id: Id545bd665422eedea1d54f02bed6174b89d5d7cd
Commits on Nov 15, 2011
@drewis drewis RingSelector: cosmetic
remove my name from the source. oops

Change-Id: Ibd350a674276a0a65cde04354626036c13fd8231
Commits on Nov 17, 2011
@nomego nomego Updated Swedish translations
Change-Id: I8bd7213649e951e58a60258ecd367a91d3c5805d
@dalingrin dalingrin Fix phone signal icon hiding
setVisibility needs to be done after setIcon
This fixes an issue in commit: 2ce85e9

Change-Id: I2812729c06c6048ee55d472c1fb14ce2d53980a7
Commits on Nov 21, 2011
@maniac103 maniac103 Make button brightness override actually work.
Previously, an application could set a button brightness override, but
the value which was set was only ever used for determining whether
there is an override and was never set to the light device.
Commits on Nov 23, 2011
@nadlabak nadlabak Revert "framework/base: Fix for Camera shutter sound heard twice"
This reverts commit 38ce282.
revert reason: breaks playback position in MortPlayer Audio Book,
DogCattcher and other media players
Commits on Nov 24, 2011
@nadlabak nadlabak Revert "libstagefright: Fix to handle corrupted .m4a clips"
This reverts commit 4474aaf.
revert reason: breaks some Gameloft games - hang during launch
when sound engine is being initialized
@nadlabak nadlabak prevent NPE in getNextCalendarAlarm (again)
Change-Id: I0182435679e46b85578ec74ca18e229e42c08116
@tpruvot tpruvot Zygote: remove one of the 2 reuid() errors when uid is already set
Change-Id: I236c67d25ddb12a1e6097eb6b9dee96bcba4e054
Commits on Nov 25, 2011
@turl turl Prevent sleep of death caused by framework NPE
E/InputManager-JNI( 1591): An exception was thrown by callback 'interceptKeyBeforeQueueing'.
E/InputManager-JNI( 1591): java.lang.NullPointerException
E/InputManager-JNI( 1591): 	at
E/InputManager-JNI( 1591): 	at
E/InputManager-JNI( 1591): 	at$InputMonitor.interceptKeyBeforeQueueing(
E/InputManager-JNI( 1591): 	at$Callbacks.interceptKeyBeforeQueueing(
E/InputManager-JNI( 1591): 	at Method)

The issue was reportedly seen when running Rockbox and then locking the screen.

Change-Id: I8dd60b63605ecaa157378acd0fa3b1c300f0de37
@defer defer Merge "Prevent sleep of death caused by framework NPE" into gingerbread 85cb0bd
Commits on Nov 26, 2011
@psyke83 psyke83 Broadcom FM: add support for BCM20xx chipsets, improve seek algorithm
Change-Id: If3b2aae353105aa213c94d712e13044cb19d4788
Commits on Nov 30, 2011
@drewis drewis Fix: Minimal Ring Unlock
The current mimimal style simply hides the 2 outer rings
but they are still functional. This patch disables them
when the mimimal style is active.

Change-Id: I0c8569134cacca8bd2b0b39a5f6a6d2c3443633f
Commits on Dec 01, 2011
@cyanogen cyanogen Revert "frameworks/base: surfaceflinger: Increase min texture width l…

This reverts commit 8c556d9.
@cyanogen cyanogen Revert "frameworks/base: surfaceflinger: Use vertical quads for 90/27…
…0 orientation"

This reverts commit f738285.
Commits on Dec 02, 2011
John Hsing framework/base: add missing Simplified Chinese translations
* translate a lonely string->copyAll

Change-Id: I3e41de301ce0da563ee63b1f5a6f57ec3a62f080
djMesias es_ES: Add missing translations
Now, the infamous 'Copy all' has been found to translate
to spanish language
Commits on Dec 03, 2011
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Updated Swedish translations" into gingerbread 5efe8b2
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Make button brightness override actually work." into gingerbread a6551f9
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Zygote: remove one of the 2 reuid() errors when uid is already…
… set" into gingerbread
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Refactor lockscreen status views" into gingerbread 4c1bb76
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Revert "framework/base: Fix for Camera shutter sound heard twi…
…ce"" into gingerbread
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "prevent NPE in getNextCalendarAlarm (again)" into gingerbread e846f65
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Revert "libstagefright: Fix to handle corrupted .m4a clips"" i…
…nto gingerbread
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "framework/base: add missing Simplified Chinese translations" i…
…nto gingerbread
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "es_ES: Add missing translations" into gingerbread c57a817
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Don't wait indefinitely for camera frames." into gingerbread 8b230ab
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Fix: Minimal Ring Unlock" into gingerbread 56e6c37
@Spitemare Spitemare Revert "Lockscreen disabled unlock on keyboard slide + gesture."
This reverts commit 0c64bc1.

Original commit was:
"If gesture active, don't unlock screen upon sliding keyboard out."
This, however, completely renders "Keyboard Slide Unlock (1/2)" ineffective.
In addition, enabling gestures shouldn't silently stop a user from sliding
the keyboard to unlock.
@Danesh Danesh Lockscreen : Minor cleanup
Try and reduce code duplication.

Change-Id: If290da67e1240e730f47adeef8dfc52c86aaf670
Commits on Dec 04, 2011
@cyanogen cyanogen Revert "Refactor lockscreen status views"
This reverts commit 0d3cbe3.
Commits on Dec 05, 2011
Jonathan Bensen Bluetooth: Add MAP Profile features (#3857)
Change-Id: Ibaba78b338d6520aca93956f57448d54fe7a8162
Commits on Dec 10, 2011
@maniac103 maniac103 Fix usability of swipe-to-clear feature.
Previously, the outer ScrollView did capture the motion events when the
Y distance became too large. This caused swipe-to-clear to only work
when moving the finger in an exact horizontal line.
Fix that by redirecting all motion events to the swiped notification as
soon as its recognized as being swiped.
@apeelme apeelme Update hungarian translation
Change-Id: I4123ba1145892af08e7f39a2e11ec5b96739dd6a
Commits on Dec 12, 2011
@nadlabak nadlabak getNextCalendarAlarm: query instances to get recurring events right
Change-Id: I64f4857663e05c20a895f082b0dc4cd5b98cf6d7
Commits on Dec 13, 2011
@rmcc rmcc LGEStarRIL: Exclude showPdpAddress specifically for kineto
Accept anything that doesn't start with "gan". Newer LGE RILs are
using iface names other than "vsnet"

Change-Id: I20dc0003f036e5a64ac537a0b4ba1a665110bee9
Ricky Bhatia OMAP4: Adding HDMI Support in the framework
Upon hpd_enabled events, the HDMI Observer will trigger the
AudioService to reroute the audio to HDMI.

Change-Id: Iaae18e99f0344c2c4214bbadf49acc98957a94e7
WHY:  Keep isolated from Google's master list of Intents

OMAP4: Update HDMIObserver to new uevent message

HDMI driver doesn't use switch-class to inform userspace about
HDMI plug/unplug events anymore. Standard uevent actions (add,
remove) are now received upon cable plug/unplug. HDMIObserver
has been updated to handle new uevent message.

Signed-off-by: Misael Lopez Cruz <>

Patch set 2: Cherry-pick on current tree.  No changes made.
Taking verifications, approvals and build test from patch set
Signed-off-by: Jean Johnson <>
Change-Id: I449e0d42cbdf3fcca0e4620c82872a27db73cd7e

UI Cloning support on HDMI and LCD

Description# System server is modified for launching the Ui cloning service.
This service would be listening to HDMI attach/detach events from HDMI
Observer. On attach event it clones the UI to HDTV and on detach event, it
would disable the UI Cloning. And this patch also fixes the hdmi detection
by HDMI observer during bootup. Currently HDMI Obsrever is relying on UEvent from the kernel
for HDMI attach/detach events. But if the HDTV is connected before booting
the platform, the event is lost by the time HDMI observer is initialized
during boot sequence.
This is fixed by modying the HDMIObserver init to read the current display2
status, whether enabled or disabled. Since HDMI HPD event will enable the
display2 device in kernel, this status read is reliable and handles the
hdmi pre-attach event correctly.

Change-Id: I48a63df27796cbb4791fc6bfe98b51dea489d84
Signed-off-by: Sunita Nadampalli <>

OMAP4: Fixing the copyright on HDMIObserver

This is a TI-owned file, derived from
Applying the copyright as our other files have.

Signed-off-by: Ricky Bhatia <>

This patch was created from,11236
patch set 2.  That patch suffers from an "Internal Server Error".
I'm taking the validations and approvals from that patch.
Signed-off-by: Jean Johnson <>

Change-Id: I8582517d6ff579cd616ca98f85cd748e91065e08

HDMI Observer and VideoView changes to hide custom classes from export

Description# HDMI Observer and VideoView java files are modified
to shield the new classes under @hide annotation. This is required
to not to expose these classes to applications.

Signed-off-by: Sunita Nadampalli <>

Patch Set 2: Simple cherry-pick on current tree.  No changes made.
Taking verifications, approvals and build test from patch set 1.
Signed-off-by: Jean Johnson <>
Change-Id: Id3e33fcd6d95c2a4a625d034fe3c6ae2e93bd406
@rmcc rmcc libstagefright: OMAP4: Avoid buffer over-allocation
In some cases, mostly with flash videos, ducati buffer allocation
asks for a very high amount of buffers (seen 24 and 26). Limit the
max number of allocated buffers on output to 20 (the highest value
it actually accepts)

Change-Id: I473e5c8a39cf0c471a4478e0224e77f44ac71641
@mkasick mkasick Fix emergency dialing on Samsung CDMA phones. Tested on Epic 4G, may …
…also help others.


Change-Id: Ia9e7912a4118cdafc28b123959ac44a4826203d7
Commits on Dec 14, 2011
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Fix emergency dialing on Samsung CDMA phones. Tested on Epic 4…
…G, may also help others. DOES NOT FIX VIBRANT." into gingerbread
Commits on Dec 19, 2011
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Fix usability of swipe-to-clear feature." into gingerbread 0b077a1
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Preference to disable bootanimation for faster boot. (1/2 Fram…
…ework)" into gingerbread
Commits on Dec 22, 2011
@rmcc rmcc Merge "telephony: Add LG RIL for Qualcomm basebands with no sim statu…
…s" into gingerbread
Commits on Dec 27, 2011
@rmcc rmcc camera_client: Stub configuration parameters used by recent CAF cameras
Change-Id: I9d81cf40d020b0e0d9970ff294a16d7113f68ff3
Commits on Dec 30, 2011
@gogh gogh Fixed: missing new voicemail notification with some carriers/devices
The bug has been desbribed/documented pretty well over here:

Change-Id: I954c0857a99bd18671abb890cf2ef3cafa86fbb4
Commits on Dec 31, 2011
djMesias es_ES: Add and fix spanish translations
Change-Id: Ie02702b621d27d18e879a95fe2ec0da95bb36dc4
Commits on Jan 01, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Merge "es_ES: Add and fix spanish translations" into gingerbread 5efec42
@rmcc rmcc es_ES: Fix Ie02702b621d27d18e879a95fe2ec0da95bb36dc4
Change-Id: I6191bc7741ecf4079f087a8dcb3d6945ca2f818b
Commits on Jan 04, 2012
@ntfreak ntfreak telephony: merge ics call waiting tweaks
These tweaks are already in ics and other android repo's, eg. android-x86.

Change-Id: I754ea6034a589d54d26818240361d90975955bc0
Signed-off-by: Spencer Oliver <>
Commits on Jan 05, 2012
@Kali- Kali- Camera: Support CAF Gingerbread Release
enabled with:


Change-Id: I5f0bdef1a1f8d81e346245c2b9053fe984097276
Commits on Jan 07, 2012
Cuong Bui Support for BT GPS dongles
see and

Change-Id: I2e6e6071f5d4ae553f12f3aa4989d085820d787d
@brunoqc brunoqc TLS-Auth for OpenVPN
Change-Id: I9b3b82f69e97275a52575fdd35774c84137fd0d8
Commits on Jan 08, 2012
@mkasick mkasick Fix 4G toggle button for crespo4g and epicmtd.
This adds WimaxHelper support for Samsung's (crespo4g, epicmtd)
WimaxManager proprietary class in addition to HTC's (supersonic, speedy)
WimaxController.  It also fixes the WimaxButton widget tolerate Samsung's
slightly different API.
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Fix 4G toggle button for crespo4g and epicmtd." into gingerbread 37d8da1
Commits on Jan 09, 2012
@Sven-Dawitz Sven-Dawitz Ringlock (1/3): Style options added to CM settings
This patch combines the two concurent lockscreen designs in an option: -
credits to Stefano Pignataro for the first and Prash for the second redesign

this patch also can be used to add even more styles in the future - if provied.
this patch also cleans up some coding.

Background Info: Lockscreen cannot be themed - so this is the only way except
tempering with framework-res.apk

Change-Id: I055fb5f1c760656c3b1f750543cc6f054ee30fbe
Commits on Jan 10, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Add 'Holo' lockscreen style (1/3)
Adds a ICS-inspired ring lockscreen style. Actually, the drawables were
taken from ICS.
TODO: Review the vibrate icon (style doesn't exactly match the sound
on/off icons) and the LDPI drawables (especially the answer/decline
@rmcc rmcc Merge "getNextCalendarAlarm: query instances to get recurring events …
…right" into gingerbread
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Bluetooth: Add MAP Profile features (#3857)" into gingerbread b86177c
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Update hungarian translation" into gingerbread d35d495
Commits on Jan 11, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Add 'Holo' lockscreen style (1/3)" into gingerbread cd3f151
Commits on Jan 12, 2012
@rmcc rmcc camera: Add more CAF constants
More possible camera effect symbols used by libcamera blobs

Change-Id: I308f9b8b373daee841931533a2c64be9260ce0aa
Commits on Jan 13, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Merge "TLS-Auth for OpenVPN" into gingerbread 99ccafa
Commits on Jan 14, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Merge "telephony: merge ics call waiting tweaks" into gingerbread 3d32a05
@pawitp pawitp Use to check for Samsung Fascinate SMS parsing
This allows ro.product.device to be overridden without breaking SMS
on fascinate.

Change-Id: Ifdc6827b39811835d76833f07cd3d71383014098
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Use to check for Samsung Fascinate SMS parsing" i…
…nto gingerbread
Commits on Jan 15, 2012
@Spitemare Spitemare Revert "Revert "Refactor lockscreen status views""
This reverts commit ad3d4bb.

Logcats for claim that commit 0d3cbe3 caused bootloops were never
provided and user with issue deleted comments on github.

Change-Id: I948dfce577adb5b3934ec9d822b048ef9caac335
Commits on Jan 17, 2012
@Quarx2k Quarx2k Allow decode 860*480 by TI.Video.Decoder cb98485
Commits on Jan 18, 2012
@wtogami wtogami Fix automatic timezone selection in Hawaii.
It is impossible to determine the correct timezone from NITZ alone.
All other alternative timezones in UTC-10 are invalid, tiny populations, no cell service.

Change-Id: I636a628fdad24b187a0010fba137f1e0764c82f3
Will DeBerry LockScreen Alignment: Right (Part 2/2)
Add alignments to the Pattern UnlockScreen as well.

Enable LandScape Alignment for everything except Right Alignment on default LockScreen as this causes overlapping issues.

Change-Id: I9962172de7219d480f4925b20cd0884f7d0c4461
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Fix automatic timezone selection in Hawaii." into gingerbread 0550b2e
Commits on Jan 20, 2012
@rustyu rustyu ICS Transitions
Something for the kangers to tide themselves over 'til CM9. Inspired
by Capez's thread:

Change-Id: I58e709b3beb0ce07d445ee993106cc5d1349ab7a
Commits on Jan 21, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Fix race condition in notification swipe handling.
Previously, the code was written under the assumption that ACTION_CANCEL
events are always delivered additionally to the normal (down, move, up)
events. It turned out that this isn't true, so we need to fix the
condition where an ACTION_CANCEL event is delivered right after giving
control to the dispatcher.
Symptom of the previous problem was the swiped notification occasionally
getting stuck, needing a restart of the SystemUI process to get going
Commits on Jan 22, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Fix race condition in notification swipe handling." into ginge…
@rmcc rmcc Merge "ICS Transitions" into gingerbread 5424af2
@rmcc rmcc LGEStarRIL: Fix NITZ on newer cosmo basebands
Also, use the new cm device property to do product matching

Change-Id: I956cdd93a1ccb288cbdeed620e9da976e87bba6c
Dianne Hackborn Backport ICS rotation animations to gingerbread
Require ICS transitions patch:

This is a combination of 3 AOSP commits, adapted for gingerbread,
i've hidden new public constants to keep current API intact.

these 3 commits are from Dianne Hackborn <> :

- Change rotation freeze to all be implemented in window manager.

Lots of work for no visible change in behavior, but now we can
do some fancier stuff...

Also allow rotation in all 4 directions.


AOSP-Change-Id: I7e5e9537c5e359f69b83c10f65cc1ce95f371461

- Implement rotation animations.

This introduces a small new feature for ScaleAnimation allowing
the scaling factor to be expressed as a percentage of the object
(which is the same as the existing float interpretation), a
percentage of the container, or a fixed dimension.  Maybe not
useful for anything else, but I needed it for this.

Also fix a bug in how transformation matrices were propagated
from the Animation to Surface Flinger, so that rotate and skew
animations will actually work. :p

AOSP-Change-Id: I301f4caa2147aa35564b5e511cb9c0b368d2425d

- Don't leak.

AOSP-Change-Id: I756d54feeef4ff73f17c80d4b4405de56a5787a6

Signed-off-by: Tanguy Pruvot <>

Change-Id: I301f4caa2147aa35564b5e511cb9c0b368d2425d
Commits on Jan 23, 2012
@nhnt11 nhnt11 Add option to lock volume keys in silent mode (framework part)
Prevents silent mode from being unset by volume keys
CMParts part:,7620

Change-Id: I6368d518008368a3306c4ed3472c346360afd9b9
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Allow decode 860*480 by TI.Video.Decoder" into gingerbread d72bc5d
@rmcc rmcc Merge "LockScreen Alignment: Right (Part 2/2)" into gingerbread e32c8c4
Eddy Witkamp Add missing translation in copy'n'paste menu. eeb5805
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Add option to lock volume keys in silent mode (framework part)…
…" into gingerbread
Commits on Jan 24, 2012
@Tisalgelijk Tisalgelijk Custom carrier label (1/2)
Allow customization of carrier label.
Possible options are:
* Default
* Show SPN only
* Show PLMN only
* Custom string

Part 2:,7313

Change-Id: I6c0aadbf8da5f114d7d59e9cef756ee984899715
@wkpark wkpark Support screenshot / renderScreenToTexture under OpenGL ES 1.0
current implemented screenshot / renderScreenToTexture() of
SurfaceFlinger use FrameBuffer Object(FBO) in the OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0

directly use framebuffer device /dev/graphics/fb0 to emulate FBO.

Change-Id: Ide2b51abf4e42363efeeea7cb9b1e95a3b6b5c5d
Commits on Jan 25, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Fixed: missing new voicemail notification with some carriers/d…
…evices" into gingerbread
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Custom carrier label (1/2)" into gingerbread 30085ba
@zewt zewt Allow reducing the BT connection delay.
By default, a four-second delay is imposed on some devices between
setting up HFP and A2DP.  This makes Bluetooth initialization take
much longer than it needs to for many devices.  This delay is very
annoying; slow Bluetooth connections often mean the user is sitting
around, waiting for it to complete.

Allow disabling this delay if the user's devices don't need it.  I've
assumed that some devices do (it's there for a reason), so the default
is unchanged.

Change-Id: Ibfa0a76b4907cb76ad754c09d15e21b5f8b278cd
Signed-off-by: Glenn Maynard <>
Commits on Jan 26, 2012
@kalltkaffe kalltkaffe Rotation animation, fix for devices with ro.sf.hwrotation set to some…
…thing other than 0.

Tested on ZTE V9 which has ro.sf.hwrotation set to 270.

See,11974 for more info about the animation and the issues experienced on rotated displays.

Change-Id: Ia0d08434d6c1fd8ee6aab46c2c53950e2298436d
Commits on Jan 29, 2012
@FaultException FaultException Fixes FC on boot when lockscreen disabled
Change-Id: I54b1221bb7bdbad5cbbd43a49defe169c6a32a71
Commits on Jan 31, 2012
@tpruvot tpruvot Fix mouse clicks which reset mouse cursor to the left of screen
The main problem was a missing static prefix on screen size/orientation
This patch also allow debugging of these mouse events with a new flag.

Change-Id: I2d51ad0c5e88c3ed45edeb2802cb29ff8909a7ec
@pastime1971 pastime1971 AbsListView: add option to disable scrolling cache (1/2)
scrolling cache (discard?) can cause performance lag due to GC
allow user to enable/disable/force scrolling cache on the fly
inspired by AndroidON,

Change-Id: I89605b42182edeafbc4c07e2b7650a914f4f7c9a
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Fix mouse clicks which reset mouse cursor to the left of scree…
…n" into gingerbread
@turl turl Do not rotate keyboard D-Pad events for USB keyboards
As their bluetooth counterparts, their rotation
doesn't match the device's, so we should not rotate
the events.

Heavily inspired on f4b4cf5
by dbehr <>

Change-Id: I95f955020e248efc0ace999586d58c8c84e89f29
@turl turl Let maintainers disable the new rotation animation
On some old phones (zeppelin, morrison, motus, hero?) the new ICS rotation
animation doesn't perform well. This patch adds a boolean property,
"persist.sys.rotationanimation", to give device maintainers and advanced
users the ability to enable/disable it.

Change-Id: I6b88eb8ec410f83c6566c07108daae442b59f79c
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Do not rotate keyboard D-Pad events for USB keyboards" into gi…
@tpruvot tpruvot Ability to debug over Network (framework part)
Allow also the notification for ADB in tcp/ip mode
Add a new notification message when this mode is enabled.

translated: en,fr,de,es,ja,zh

Note: This function can work without the Setting Part, its an official feature of adb.
But require this change in your device init.rc :

Settings Part :

Change-Id: I875a5ba5db10c949be2372db0e13768fe9cb3c1f
@turl turl Fix low battery warnings on lockscreen on some languages
Some languages display incorrect messages, including %%. These were
probably left from an old translation and never removed

See for example

Change-Id: Ifbbb20472670442f0b826d9ce4b16b2b15fe220e
Commits on Feb 01, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Broadcom FM: add support for BCM20xx chipsets, improve seek al…
…gorithm" into gingerbread
@rmcc rmcc Merge "AbsListView: add option to disable scrolling cache (1/2)" into…
… gingerbread
@TaichiN TaichiN Add 'Blade' lockscreen style (1/3)
It's been running very well for few weeks on our kangs
and really looks good,so I decided to rename it and upload.

drawables created by @Rick C ( resized by me )

Change-Id: I674a05b5f1eadb23028724fa3cfa9101c3b150c6
Commits on Feb 02, 2012
@Keltek Keltek Czech: added missing strings
- added string for Reboot Download
- added strings for network debugging

Change-Id: If3b7c8ca2dd85af9d867a7b29ac2b723b964f6e6
Commits on Feb 03, 2012
@superatrain superatrain Fixed Proprietary info feild skipping in Samuel Berube's voicemail no…
…tification patch (#11318)

Change-Id: I783b438449a63134ba0f6ae332dd7dc3ddbd5c81
Commits on Feb 04, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Revert "Fix low battery warnings on lockscreen on some languages"
This reverts commit 6cdb332.

The root cause for the bug this commit aimed to fix was a broken usage
of that string in the fingerprint unlock screen, which is not even in
CyanogenMod yet. As the other lockscreens (, properly include the battery level information
and as the English version of that string (in values/strings.xml)
includes that information as well, there's no reason to hide it from
users of certain locales, especially as those will feel that it's a
regression if we do so.
Commits on Feb 05, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Don't animate rotations when screen is off
Avoid error loops like these:

W/WindowManager( 1744): Animation repeat aborted after too many iterations
W/WindowManager( 1744): Layout repeat skipped after too many iterations
W/WindowManager( 1744): Layout repeat skipped after too many iterations
W/WindowManager( 1744): Layout repeat skipped after too many iterations
W/WindowManager( 1744): Animation repeat aborted after too many iterations
W/WindowManager( 1744): Layout repeat skipped after too many iterations

which happened mostly when the screen was turned off while a landscape
app was active.

Change-Id: Idce8fc0049758e50aaf9bc3f93aff45758ed30c1
@turl turl Fix mDeskModeKeepsScreenOn logic
If mDeskModeKeepsScreenOn was set to 1, the screen still timeouted because
mCurUiMode != Configuration.UI_MODE_TYPE_DESK. Given that mCurUiMode is
a bitmask field also consisting of UI_MODE_NIGHT_MASK, fix this check
so the behaviour is corrected.

See core/java/android/content/res/ for the explanation
on uiMode's values

Change-Id: Ic7a0fd375dd4700eacb48974e20ad387732fc1d5
Commits on Feb 07, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Unfreeze display even if screen is off
Change Idce8fc0049758e50aaf9bc3f93aff45758ed30c1 made it possible
for an animation to start and never complete, thus keeping the
display frozen.
So... disregard screen state when calling unfreeze. If mScreenRotationAnimation
isn't null, let it go all the way.

Change-Id: Ibf4b31508855398e8d20626bf169656e2a3d2aa9
Commits on Feb 08, 2012
@pastime1971 pastime1971 Improve scrolling cache (ported from ICS)
Scrolling cache helps make short scrolls/flings smooth but will
cause stutter when long flings are made. This patch automatically
disables scrolling cache when long flings are made.

ported from ICS commit,,12537

Change-Id: I120a5ac50b36dfcdab16ef77aed5ac40930a2dc5
Commits on Feb 09, 2012
@AndroidMeda AndroidMeda framework/base: tr: CM Turkish Translations
* Profile names
* Reboot options
* Application groups
* Phone goggles permissions

Change-Id: Icd6ac4e0f6a4e8e0b5bec78ee6542652509bc904
djMesias Notification power widget mobiledata auto 2g/3g
Adds an option for the notification power widget mobiledata button to
automatically switch to GSM/2G only when mobile data is disabled and
WCDMA/3G pref when mobile data is enabled.
Saves battery/screen estate/manual effort for users who only turn
mobiledata+3G on when needed.

Change-Id: I2e365a339ad23dc8dee2de43eb0f26ea32363efe
Commits on Feb 11, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Fix mDeskModeKeepsScreenOn logic" into gingerbread 3836ca1
Commits on Feb 12, 2012
@nadlabak nadlabak additional landscape layout for sim pin unlock
- without this patch, if the phone is in car dock (landscape,
hw keyboard hidden), the sim pin unlock screen is cropped, making
it impossible to unlock the sim without taking the phone out from
the dock, which can be quite dangerous while driving. (You can be
presented with the sim pin unlock screen e.g. when the phone reboots
during navigation.)

Change-Id: Icc4d170fdcc0dabc4ab4aa5c664e4cc389b17513
@maniac103 maniac103 Add notification type constants. a31ea6f
Shruthi N.K telephony: Display Supplementary Service Notifications.
telephony: Display Supplementary Service Notifications.

CallManager registers for supplementary service notifications
with Phone to notify Phone App.

Change-Id: I20c1c908200a9a2ced017e14821cb65249521708
@maniac103 maniac103 Add safety net for notification swipe handling. 4591650
Commits on Feb 13, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Furtherly fix up notification swipe handling.
- Add debug code
- Fix up 'handled' flag return handling
- Fix remaining paths that could leave mItem set
@Spitemare Spitemare Fix battery charging detection in NotificationManagerService
Battery charging should be detected via the status intent extra
instead of merely checking to see if the phone is plugged.


Change-Id: I39f6caf6183a866d6061b07e0f62c21a4df71aef
@rmcc rmcc Merge "additional landscape layout for sim pin unlock" into gingerbread ef33a77
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Add notification type constants." into gingerbread 3b0109d
@rmcc rmcc Merge "framework/base: tr: CM Turkish Translations" into gingerbread 4a06b8a
Commits on Feb 15, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Fix display freeze happening when changing device orientation while
screen is off.

In that case, we inhibited the rotation animation and freezed the screen
directly. When turning on the screen again, we forgot to unfreeze the
screen, though.

How to reproduce issue:
- Start application using orientation sensor (e.g. messaging)
- Put phone to landscape
- Switch off screen
- Put phone to portrait
- Switch on screen
- Result: Some seconds of delay until turning on screen again
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Add missing translation in copy'n'paste menu." into gingerbread ecd87a0
Commits on Feb 16, 2012
@pastime1971 pastime1971 LGEStarRIL: fix DST handling exception
current implementation of NITZ assumes that it is in the form of OFFSET,"DATE,TIME,DST"
and split it into OFFSET and "DATE,TIME" and "DST" and assign DST to parcelextra.
some carriers send NITZ without DST flag, string parsing splits DATE and TIME
and assign TIME for DST, which leads to throwing integer parsing exception,
and then possibly RIL crash
this commit utilize String.split(",") to split NITZ and reconstruct it correctly,
and handle DST as optional.
(also moved offset evaluation to inside only where it is needed.)

Change-Id: I9e2a7d992b3054be0782216152a3e4c04f87fdcb
@maniac103 maniac103 Add Motorola Wrigley 3G RIL.
The RIL of those devices signals incoming forwarded calls incorrectly.
Instead of sending a supplementary service notification with type = MT
and code2 = 0, it sends code2 = 10.
This RIL class works around that.

Change-Id: I8654663daab084c486fe787e50b9dde01e67895f
Commits on Feb 20, 2012
Dianne Hackborn Fix screen hang after dismissing a landscape alarm.
This is a squash commit of 3 ICS commits backported to gingerbread:

- Always unfreeze display.

Commit 161dc80
AOSP-Change-Id: I7a0f3be49fe723fe59cf6268861bc5fe7f49bc62

- Fix issue #3330037: Unnecessary orientations appear...

...when the device's physical orientation is portrait.

We now hold off on computing app token orientation while preparing
to open or close app tokens.

Also clean up a few other little issues.

Commit 94cb2eb
AOSP-Change-Id: Iae125a975c7706fb4d068c872fd172e69854ff15

Fix issue #5508024: Rotation jank seen in live wallpapers

Fix a few places where we would unfreeze the screen too early.
Now that we are no longer relying on surface flinger freezing, we
can't depend on it keeping the screen frozen until surfaces get

Commit 3ec891a
AOSP-Change-Id: Icb03bf30c9599a5e2016817bfa5ca6458adc7249

Change-Id: I8e716c71bb135d198fc5e9802ed13628461f11a9
Commits on Feb 23, 2012
Marco Brohet frameworks: Added Dutch translations
Change-Id: Iedf357afd93611bf6e33f6513c69cdd914b625a6
Commits on Feb 25, 2012
@koush koush Why are we updating current.xml? Platform packages can use @hidden in…
…ternal classes. It seems because the build erroneously says to run make update-api, people are updating the API every time they add a new method or class. I am reverting current.xml to stock Android, because we should NOT be extending the public API that Android provides. Extending the public API and adding new internal classes are different things. Regardless, people are NOT using the CM SDK, so no is using these new "APIs" anyways. This will cause build breaks in the new Jenkins setup (hell, it was broken already, which is why I discovered this). We need to fix this.

Change-Id: Ie18bcb883cd16debbd00d31e9ea5597a3817c523
@koush koush Merge branch 'gingerbread' of git://…
…ameworks_base into gingerbread
Commits on Feb 26, 2012
@koush koush @hide all the changes to frameworks/base...
Change-Id: I5c333102c2276d3dc68ba4e62c4f7322e8323fa4
@t0dbld t0dbld Implement basic framework for fingerprint lockscreen
Uses reflection not to depend on proprietary jars

Change-Id: I86acf878ff51a14b3ca7d9962b62305f010e0b29
@koush koush This causes make checkapi (and thus the build) to fail. Please fix th…
…is. All the checkapi failures were fixed in literally the commit prior.

(unknown): error 5: Added public field
(unknown): error 5: Added public field
(unknown): error 5: Added public field

Use the @hide annotation on those.

Revert "Implement basic framework for fingerprint lockscreen"

This reverts commit 3496383.
@t0dbld t0dbld Implement basic framework for fingerprint lockscreen
Uses reflection not to depend on proprietary jars

Change-Id: I321d3f8e7dbbee4c504864f1defed954bc22053b
@koush koush Merge "Implement basic framework for fingerprint lockscreen" into gin…
@turl turl policy: don't lock users out if they wipe their fingerprint database
If users delete their fingerprint database and proceed to lock the
screen, let them in so they can configure another lock method.

Also fixes a typo

Change-Id: I006a86e5e0f72a3d08d5c0b3a96cc659fecbeede
Commits on Feb 29, 2012
@mkasick mkasick Add more CDMA SamsungRIL fixes.
Adds a collection of CDMA device fixes to SamsungRIL.  They include:

- Overriding ERROR_UNSPECIFIED fail cause with NORMAL_CLEARING, to prevent
  far-end hangups from displaying the "Call Lost" dialog.

- Adding, and ignoring the RIL_UNSOL_GPS_NOTI request, which is also
  ignored in the TW RIL, to keep the radio log clean of exceptions when the
  GPS is active.

- Workaround for Samsung CDMA "ring of death" bug.  See source comments for
  details on this problem.

Change-Id: Ida4797718ad3463d073a6fc27246cc916526d487
Commits on Mar 03, 2012
@vkramskikh vkramskikh policy: do not count invalid fingerprint swipes as bad tries
Change-Id: I8179aadaf78a3d492524c9aeadce09b32ae992b6
@rmcc rmcc Merge "telephony: Display Supplementary Service Notifications." into …
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Add Motorola Wrigley 3G RIL." into gingerbread aa0ff72
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Fix battery charging detection in NotificationManagerService" …
…into gingerbread
@rmcc rmcc Merge "frameworks: Added Dutch translations" into gingerbread 7e17a59
@rmcc rmcc Merge "policy: do not count invalid fingerprint swipes as bad tries" …
…into gingerbread
Commits on Mar 07, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Show PIN entry screen even if lockscreen is disabled. d5e5a35
Commits on Mar 08, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Fixed Proprietary info feild skipping in Samuel Berube's voice…
…mail notification patch (#11318)" into gingerbread
Commits on Mar 12, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Create Kineto-compatible AudioTrack::set and AudioRecord::set methods. ec61d9b
Commits on Mar 13, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Show PIN entry screen even if lockscreen is disabled." into gi…
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Create Kineto-compatible AudioTrack::set and AudioRecord::set …
…methods." into gingerbread
@vkramskikh vkramskikh policy: implement Motoblur-like fingerprint tactile feedback
Allows the user to unlock the device without looking at the screen

Change-Id: I92d4100720b54d567fbddf1546b64e36f9ed0c07
Commits on Mar 21, 2012
djMesias PatternUnlockScreen: Battery status can be shown if desired.
It uses same option that LockScreen (lockscreen_always_battery)
Until now, only showed if it was charging or it had low level.

Change-Id: Id4f8edf42775eb43f0602ab2e86b909827af4b65
@adumont adumont Externalize symbol picker options to resources
Having the symbol picker options in resources allows a change to be made for
a specific device, and even for a specific locale (change in overlay).

Change-Id: I1c6da0e252dae10c7c2f5433193b946540eda376
Commits on Mar 25, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Merge "PatternUnlockScreen: Battery status can be shown if desired." …
…into gingerbread
Commits on Mar 26, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Sanity check item for being non-null.
This normally shouldn't happen, but experience has shown that there are
some rare corner cases where it indeed happens. The exact conditions are
unclear, but it's likely related to an ACTION_CANCEL event being sent
out before the ACTION_UP event.
In order to not crash in weird, hard-to-debug corner cases, just check
whether we actually have an item to process.

This fixes
AdrianoC Fix wrong 'USB debugging connected' notify color
Change-Id: I8ad4ce8652325e2e10dd529a934c8928ee0b149c
Commits on Mar 28, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Externalize symbol picker options to resources" into gingerbread 8360a8d
Commits on Mar 29, 2012
@turl turl policy: fix "Skip on security" functionality
It was only working for fingerprint and pattern lockscreens.

Change-Id: Ib4d4d28f80256fbe669aeb5681ef6056b8f5f3d4
Commits on Mar 30, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Fix wrong 'USB debugging connected' notify color" into gingerb…
@rmcc rmcc Merge "policy: fix "Skip on security" functionality" into gingerbread 144261c
@rmcc rmcc Revert "Fix wrong 'USB debugging connected' notify color"
This reverts commit 6d70c41
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Revert "Fix wrong 'USB debugging connected' notify color"" int…
…o gingerbread
Commits on Mar 31, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Allow theming of framework UI elements.
As the theme engine works by replacing resources while loading the APK,
framework UI couldn't be themed so far. Workaround that by manually
creating a package context and using that for
showing the UI. This attempt is a bit hacky, but should be safe as
a) systemui should always be present
b) if it isn't, we fall back to no theming

Change-Id: I644e2e8d7d4abf07bae639b606197d691f16adac
@Danesh Danesh Quick unlock : Fix bug
There is an issue where users whose passwords are greater than 8 chars and
have quick unlock enabled will be unable to unlock their lockscreen.
This is due to the logic evaluating anything beyond 3chars as a password attempt.

This change modifies the quick unlock behavior so that when typing the password,
each character is considered an attempt, however if incorrect, is not reported as a failed attempt.
Only when the user presses enter is it considered an "explicit" attempt and a failed attempt is reported.

Change-Id: I02d436184d63c6880c7b1dc6b4b6119fba76e9a7
Commits on Apr 06, 2012
@codeworkx codeworkx audiosystem: support for samsungs isSeperatedStream()
Change-Id: I36d7f8317186294c4ab0ebb4392f6e166e4f08af
Commits on Apr 07, 2012
@codeworkx codeworkx telephony: added support for samsungs realcall parameter needed for i…
…ncall audio

Change-Id: I36bb3259b7844c4b26385694718391a032e1a016
Commits on Apr 11, 2012
Jef Oliver GCC 4.7 now correctly implements the two-phase name lookup rules
Change-Id: Ib459331212c6576c16ce688972d989f21e9263e6
Commits on Apr 24, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Applying theming to more framework items.
All dialogs and notifications should be covered now.

Change-Id: If93f81991361165a00b5b1b03ffc323e3ab42c0b
Commits on Apr 29, 2012
@cybik cybik Implementing Sunfire-related fixes
- Tegra2 World RIL (fine-tuning to be done)
- RIL Object creation modification
- Fixing a bug involving the switch from GSM to CDMA (and back) plaguing multiple world phones

Change-Id: Ic1aa7aae15b6e45a9968171bb1e8c216697791a8
Commits on May 02, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Merge "Applying theming to more framework items." into gingerbread a4206ed
Commits on May 11, 2012
@Dillinjer Dillinjer PT-BR: Missing Translations
Change-Id: Ib270471fdfd23063d8454aa8e1abd833de16a498
Commits on May 13, 2012
@adumont adumont Prevent Sym key from showing the IME picker
By default InputMethodManager will popup an IME picker when pressing
the Sym key.

This can be disabled by setting config_symKeyShowsImePicker to false in the
overlay (so the Sym key will show the symbol windows selector for ex.)

Change-Id: Ice487342fe71e441e2ee8a1ef95f7d466d19d0ee
Commits on May 14, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Revert "Fix for disappearing status bar power widgets after changing …
…T-Mo themes."

This reverts commit 42234e0.

Change-Id: I6ee2f3f57c8608a82896c14d6e168c6c1875b7a0
@rmcc rmcc Fix for disappearing status bar power widgets after changing theme
Backported from CM9:
Clean up existing widgets before creating new ones to prevent
dangling references to the previous dialog's context, which
broke the insertion of a new widget set into recently created
ExpandedDialog views.

Change-Id: I16a3bab85bcc07dcdb3b189809f5dae528eff66a
@maniac103 maniac103 Manage buttons inside of PowerWidget instead of a static map.
Fixes disappearing widgets on theme change due to clashing accesses to
the static map by the old and the new widget instance.

Also convert static to member variables at a few other places.

Change-Id: I42b4ad02c4eb8b57a2f4cf51a31148c4b0546b81
Commits on May 15, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Make absolutely sure the theme change receivers are only unregistered if
they were registered before.
@maniac103 maniac103 Fix percentage bar not appearing on first try to enable it. 1c30cc0
Commits on May 20, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Merge "Revert "Fix for disappearing status bar power widgets after ch…
…anging T-Mo themes."" into gingerbread
@maniac103 maniac103 Merge "Fix for disappearing status bar power widgets after changing t…
…heme" into gingerbread
@maniac103 maniac103 Merge "Manage buttons inside of PowerWidget instead of a static map."…
… into gingerbread
Commits on May 24, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Restore audio effect connections after binder death. 012d242
@maniac103 maniac103 Close notification view when swiping away the last notification.
If the user swiped away all swipable notifications, chances are high he
expanded the notification area just for doing so.
Commits on May 28, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Add missing software audio codecs for OMAP devices. 1841a64
Commits on May 30, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Use full weekday for PT lock screen date. a88a0e1
@maniac103 maniac103 Fix medium month name list, 'Mai' ist not an abbreviation. b0a42b2
Commits on Jun 01, 2012
Andreas Huber Send RTSP control connection keep-alive requests
default to 60 secs unless overridden by server's session-id response.

Change-Id: I7c3aff5b787dbb57cc0dccf9db3c75e5cf7e778c
related-to-bug: 5562303
@Keltek Keltek Czech: updated translation
String unification, added messages for fingerprint usage.

Change-Id: I7e04c4db734ceec2a7ec31c1f8f4cb985825783a
Commits on Jun 04, 2012
Cuong fixed external BT gps date/time issue reported by Jason Lynch
Change-Id: I466f623a9f6066228d0749be0b3afeec91502197
Commits on Jun 06, 2012
@nadlabak nadlabak don't set the reserved bits0 and 1 for UCS2 encoded messages
fixes SMS troubles for Chinese users
0x0b was not a Class 3 specification as the bit 4 was set to 0
@maniac103 maniac103 Fix race condition in DNS resolving.
If the querying thread was faster than the DNS resolving thread startup,
resolving would crash with the following stacktrace:

E/AndroidRuntime(7160): java.lang.NullPointerException
E/AndroidRuntime(7160):      at android.webkit.DnsResolver.resolveDnsForHostMap(
E/AndroidRuntime(7160):      at android.webkit.BrowserFrame.startDnsPrefetch(
E/AndroidRuntime(7160):      at android.webkit.WebViewCore$EventHub$1.handleMessage(
E/AndroidRuntime(7160):      at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
E/AndroidRuntime(7160):      at android.os.Looper.loop(
E/AndroidRuntime(7160):      at android.webkit.WebViewCore$
E/AndroidRuntime(7160):      at
@maniac103 maniac103 Restore ringer mode properly after cancelling dialog. 8f6e828
@maniac103 maniac103 Send out a MOBILE_DATA_CHANGED intent.
The settings app widget expects that to be done for working properly.
Commits on Jun 07, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Merge "don't set the reserved bits0 and 1 for UCS2 encoded messages" …
…into gingerbread
@maniac103 maniac103 Merge "Restore ringer mode properly after cancelling dialog." into gi…
@maniac103 maniac103 Merge "Fix medium month name list, 'Mai' ist not an abbreviation." in…
…to gingerbread
@maniac103 maniac103 Merge "fixed external BT gps date/time issue reported by Jason Lynch"…
… into gingerbread
@maniac103 maniac103 Merge "Send RTSP control connection keep-alive requests" into gingerb…
@maniac103 maniac103 Merge "Use full weekday for PT lock screen date." into gingerbread 73ac302
@maniac103 maniac103 Merge "Send out a MOBILE_DATA_CHANGED intent." into gingerbread b9e5eb9
@maniac103 maniac103 Merge "Czech: updated translation" into gingerbread 5a65ad7
@maniac103 maniac103 Fix lockscreen button behaviour.
Unlike the other buttons, the lockscreen disable button keeps the state
(disabled/enabled) in it instead of just displaying it, so in order to
make it reliable, a few things needed to be fixed:

- The actual lockscreen blocker was a member variable while the state
  information was static. This could lead to the two variables getting
  out of sync.
- On orientation or theme change, all widgets were destroyed and
  recreated. If that happened while the lockscreen was disabled, the
  blocker instance was lost, thus, there was no way to enable the
  lockscreen again. Fix that by only recreating the views, not the whole
- The lockscreen disable state wasn't stored persistently, thus didn't
  survive a reboot.


Change-Id: I6f619740659cfedec3a3c9517fb55275f601d792
@maniac103 maniac103 Apply haptic feedback to all buttons, not just the sound button.
The feedback for all other buttons is significantly weaker. I've also
decreased strength of sound button feedback, as it was too strong.

Change-Id: Iaee471b29b306e9ebcc6a81799f7e36872951002
John Hsing Frameworks/base: move translations in arrays.xml into strings.xml
Move Simplified Chinese about shutdown opitions into strings.xml

Change-Id: I2894b19bd573bea54ae4038f46a1e0cb5437d809
Commits on Jun 09, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Close notification view when swiping away the last notificatio…
…n." into gingerbread
Commits on Jun 10, 2012
Cuong Previous fix was incorrect.
Timestamp doesn't contain date info, therefore we need to construct it
and adjust it if daylight savings applies.

Change-Id: Ic6b5b3e2d773f637a99a80ef0998ee4f9989a8eb
Commits on Jun 13, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Don't consider input restricted if keyguard is still disabled. 6f1f11f
Commits on Jun 17, 2012
@drewis drewis Ringlock: hide album art when Minimal style is active
Change-Id: Ia2045e12a3344061e564b47a43bb1dade06f0832
Commits on Jun 18, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Prevent Sym key from showing the IME picker" into gingerbread a267254
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Apply haptic feedback to all buttons, not just the sound butto…
…n." into gingerbread
Commits on Jun 23, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Merge "Ringlock: hide album art when Minimal style is active" into gi…
@maniac103 maniac103 Merge "Don't consider input restricted if keyguard is still disabled.…
…" into gingerbread
@maniac103 maniac103 Don't let apps disable the SIM PIN entry screen.
As the user (who controls the app behaviour after all) likely doesn't
see the PIN screen as a lock screen (he likely wants telephony) and the
PIN screen is not shown on a timer-driven basis, it should be treated
@therbom therbom frameworks/base: Dutch translations
Change-Id: Ie082cb3b7aea5d1a1f03271815600393f85295e5
Commits on Jun 24, 2012
@psyke83 psyke83 libcameraservice: allow skipping of autofocus callbacks
Set BOARD_LIBCAMERA_MISSING_AUTOFOCUS to skip autofocus callbacks.
This is needed for Huawei's proprietary libcamera libraries that are
based on Eclair, used by the Huawei U8120, U8150, U8160 and
possibly others.

Change-Id: Ibc5eeda5d01b9db62d9b3c548840be7dee61096d
Commits on Jun 25, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Merge "frameworks/base: Dutch translations" into gingerbread 720f872
Commits on Jun 30, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Increasing ringtone volume option (1/3)
- Extend volume preference to make ringer control optional and to be
  able to intercept volume changes
- Add settings to provider
Commits on Jul 03, 2012
@therbom therbom frameworks: Dutch translations
Change-Id: I49b561b2b2b83e693e76dd8d634ee3b2c57dd6f2
Commits on Jul 07, 2012
@rmcc rmcc Merge "libcameraservice: allow skipping of autofocus callbacks" into …
Commits on Jul 10, 2012
@maniac103 maniac103 Merge "Increasing ringtone volume option (1/3)" into gingerbread 7b3d4b5
Commits on Jul 12, 2012
@naobsd naobsd Add touchscreen calibration a898178
@naobsd naobsd Add workaround for unresponsive area on touchscreen on Haipad M701/M1…
…001 with kernel
@naobsd naobsd Add input devices rotation 385498f
@naobsd naobsd Add accelerometer rotation 09304a2
@naobsd naobsd reenable opencore/pvplayer hooks for rk2818 672c484