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all: deps compile
./rebar compile
cd deps/log4erl && make
cd deps/riakc && make compile
cd deps/yaws && ./configure && make
cd lib/erlang-setuid && ./configure && make
./rebar clean
rm -f priv/logs/*.log
cd priv/logs/sasl_server && rm -f 1 2 3 4 5 index
cd priv/logs/sasl_client && rm -f 1 2 3 4 5 index
rm -f *~
rm -f src/*~
rm -f *.access
rm -f *.log
cd deps/log4erl && make clean
cd deps/riakc && make clean
cd deps/yaws && make clean
cd lib/erlang-setuid && make clean
archive: BRANCH = $(shell git branch|grep '*'|cut -d' ' -f2)
archive: DATE = $(shell date +%d%b%y)
git archive HEAD | gzip > ../metis-branch-$(BRANCH)-$(DATE).tar.gz
cd ./priv/www/mtagui/ && ./ source-all && ./ build && cp -r ./build ../ && cd ../ && rm -rf ./gui && mv ./build ./gui
install: TARGET = /home/metis/metis
install: PRIVFILES = mta.conf.example aliases.conf domain.conf log4erl.conf reroute.conf metis.config metis_client.config stdin_forcer
useradd -m -s /bin/bash metis
mkdir -p $(TARGET)/priv/queue $(TARGET)/priv/logs/sasl $(TARGET)/priv/logs/sasl_client $(TARGET)/priv/logs/error_logger $(TARGET)/priv/www/
cp ./metis ./ $(TARGET)
cp -r ./ebin $(TARGET)
cp -r ./lib $(TARGET)
cp -r ./deps $(TARGET)
cp -r priv/www/gui $(TARGET)/priv/www/
cp -r priv/www/services $(TARGET)/priv/www/
cd priv/ && cp $(PRIVFILES) $(TARGET)/priv/
chown -R metis:metis $(TARGET)
client: TARGET = /home/metis/metis
useradd -m -U -s /bin/bash metis
mkdir -p $(TARGET)/priv/queue $(TARGET)/priv/logs/sasl $(TARGET)/ebin $(TARGET)/lib
cp ./ $(TARGET)
cd ebin/ && cp client_boot.beam client_sup.beam misc.beam queue_mngr.beam queue_smtp_client.beam socket.beam smtp_util.beam conn_mngr.beam \
cp -r lib/log4erl $(TARGET)/lib/
cd priv/ && cp aliases.conf domain.conf log4erl.conf reroute.conf sasl.config stdin_forcer $(TARGET)/priv/
chown -R metis:metis $(TARGET)
ssh-keygen -q -f priv/id_rsa
chown metis:metis priv/id_rsa*
if [ ! -d "/home/metis/.ssh/" ]; then mkdir /home/metis/.ssh && chown metis:metis /home/metis/.ssh; fi;
mv priv/id_rsa /home/metis/.ssh/
mv priv/ /home/metis/metis/priv/
@echo -e '\n\nCopy the public key (/home/metis/metis/priv/ into /home/metis/.ssh/authorized_keys file on each client!'
.PHONY: all compile deps clean pack gui archive install client keys