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DONE- handle upper/lowercase addresses (basically convert everything to lower case and config files should have lower case)
local part needs to stay unchanged, only convert domainname
>> it converts only when checking, otherwise saves in original form
- queue_mngr needs to create queue dir at init if it's missing
- queue_mngr needs to handle when a queue goes down (alert server, restart queue)
- what happenes with local delivery that ends up in the wrong queue?
DONE- add viewing, filtering maillog to front end (start, end date, filter by fields)
show raw data
show breakdowns (sent, deleted, queued, softbounce, hardbounce)
- CC, BCC handling
- handle undeliverable mail (local/smtp), send proper non-delivery notice
- upgrade to non blocking gen_smtp_server
- make it fully compile with rebar (including getting deps)
- rewrite distribution using riak-core to be able to run several servers