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STM32L073VZT6: Projects done on the STM32L073Z_EVAL Evaluation Board.
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STM32L073VZT6 Learning Projects

This is a collection of projects which I have done on the STM32L073Z_EVAL Evaluation Board. It has the STM32L073VZT6 (ARM Cortex-M0+) chip.

These projects use the STM32CubeMX app to generate project files. I have used SW4STM32 and Keil uVision ARM MDK for the IDE.

Project Done on Category Remarks
TFT-Display_BSP 2017-12-06 TFT Display
Joystick_BSP 2017-12-10 Joystick
TFT-Joystick-SnakeGame 2017-12-11 Joystick, TFT Display C++11
DAC-Waveform_Generator 2017-12-14 DAC, DMA
RNG-Dice 2017-12-14 RNG
TFT-CustomFonts 2018-01-03 TFT Display STM32-LCD_Font_Generator
FATFS-SD_Card 2018-01-03 SD Card, FATFS

Setup Guide + References

STM32 Demonstration Software

There was a preloaded demo application on the board (source code is provided by ST). Since Keil had a code size limit, I have rearranged it to compile as a standalone SW4STM32 project.

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