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Writeups and scripts for CrossCTF 2017 Final Rounds held on 17-18 June in SMU
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CrossCTF Finals 2017 Writeups

This is a collection of my solutions for CrossCTF 2017 final rounds challenges. The challenge website was hosted on their internal network (

Challenges Points Category Remarks
Govtech Binary Challenge Level 1 75 govtech Solved
Govtech Web Challenge Level 1 75 govtech Solved
Patching transformer 100 Binary Solved
Govtech Web Challenge Level 2 100 govtech Solved
Govtech Binary Challenge Level 2 100 govtech Solved
Transformer 100 Binary Solved
Sky Pillar (Level 01) 100 Sky Pillar Solved
Patching Frobnicator 150 Patching Solved
Patching Secrit-Donut 150 Patching Solved
Time to Take a Dump 200 hardware Solved
There is No Spoon 250 hardware Partial
CSIT (Level 01) 300 csit
0xcafe 300 Binary
Sky Pillar (Level 04) 300 Sky Pillar Solved
Sky Pillar (Level 03) 300 Sky Pillar Solved
CSIT (Level 02) 400 csit
Frobnicator 400 Binary
Sky Pillar (Level 05) 400 Sky Pillar
The Great Bank Heist 400 hardware
The Last Knight 500 Binary
Secrit Binary Donut Tuch 500 Binary
tastyriffs 800 Binary

Those solved, but not in this repository were done by my team members.

Failed scripts and testing files are in this folder

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