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Writeups and scripts for CrossCTF 2018 Qualifying Round
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CrossCTF 2018 Qualifiers Writeups

This is a collection of my writeups for challenges in the online qualifiers for CrossCTF 2018.


Qualifier will start at 1pm (UTC+08:00) on 19 May 2018 (Saturday).
It will end at 1pm on 21 May (Monday) for a total of 48 hours.


CrossCTF is a cyber security competition organized by NTU with collaboration with NUS Greyhats and SMU Whitehats. This also provides a platform for participants to hack safely in Singapore. The other reason is to promote Cyber Security Capture-The-Flag Compeitions in Singapore.



My team qualified with a score of 5968 (5th place)

The following are the qualifying criteria:

1. The threshold is is the median score (1928) out of all the teams
2. Top 2 teams from their respective schools


Challenge Category Remarks
Even Flow Pwn
Real Baby Pwnable Pwn
Lossy Oracle Crypto
Kryptonight 1 Crypto
Kryptonight 2 Crypto
BabyRSA Crypto
QuirkyScript 1 Web
QuirkyScript 2 Web
QuirkyScript 3 Web
QuirkyScript 4 Web
QuirkyScript 5 Web
Baby Web Web
Choose Your Own Adventure Misc
Sanity Sanity


Challenge Category Remarks
GoGoGo Reversing
BabyRSA 2 Crypto
Easynote Pwn
Skipping Rope Pwn
Quiet Moon Pwn
Impossible Shellcoding Pwn
Blood Moon Pwn
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