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Writeups and scripts for HSCTF 4 (2017) challenges
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HSCTF 2017 Writeups

This is a collection of my writeups for challenges in HSCTF 4 held on 20 May 2017 - 27 May 2017. As of the time of writing, I am not a student studying infocomm security. This CTF was rather hard for me as I didn't have much knowledge on binaries and reverse engineering.

Challenges Category Points Remarks
Survey Forensics 50 pt done
Basic Bucketfill Forensics 100 pt done
Coin Flip Algo 100 pt done
El Clasico Exploitation 100 pt
Hidden Polynomials Crypto 100 pt
Keith and Dawg 1 Forensics 100 pt done
Keithor Reversal 100 pt done
Keith's Shell Exploitation 100 pt
Python Exploitation 1 Exploitation 100 pt done
Quartenary Crypto 100 pt done
Alice and Bob Crypto 200 pt
An Intense Rivalry Forensics 200 pt
Easy Stegosaurus Forensics 200 pt done
Gibberish Crypto 200 pt done
KE1TH Reversal 200 pt
Keith and Dawg 2 Crypto 200 pt done
Ping Pong 200 Algo 200 pt
Python Exploitation 2 Exploitation 200 pt
Digital Digits Algo 300 pt
Lost Keith Reversal 300 pt
Max's Maximal Triangles Algo 300 pt
Pascal's Triangle Algo 300 pt
Ping Pong 300 Algo 300 pt
Grid Chris Xue Algo 400 pt
Keith and Dawg 4 Reversal 400 pt
Keith's March Algo 400 pt
Magic Matrices Algo 400 pt
Never Say Goodbye Exploitation 400 pt
Keith and Dawg 5 Reversal 500 pt
Keith and Dawg 6 Exploitation 500 pt
Ping Pong 600 Algo 600 pt
Wednesday problems Category Points Remarks
Hard Stegosaurus Forensics 300 pt
Bob's Bubble Tea Machine I Algo 400 pt
Bob's Bubble Tea Machine II Algo 400 pt
Keith's Fish Reversal 400 pt
Keith's Leap Reversing 400 pt

Failed scripts and testing files are in this folder

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